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FocalSpec, Inc.


FocalSpec Introduces Automatic Inline Roughness Measurement System

For wire, cable, and filament extrusion applications

Published: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 11:45

(Focalspec: Cumming, GA) -- FocalSpec, a supplier of optical, high-precision 3D scanning sensors and solutions, has launched MicroProfiler MP900, its noncontact wire, cable, and filament surface-roughness measurement system, in North America.

The MP900 is based on FocalSpec’s patented line confocal imaging (LCI) technology that enables accurate in-production roughness measurement from a fast-moving surface of any type and color. The system scans and analyzes a product’s actual surface profile at the rate of 512,000 points per second.

The maximum line speeds is 150 m/min (500 ft/min) and products with a diameter of 1 mm (0.04 in.) to flat can be measured. The minimum reported Ra is 0.2 µm (8 µin), and other standard roughness parameters, such as Rz, can also be calculated. Roughness of the product is displayed in real time, and operators are automatically alerted for abnormal process changes. This enables immediate corrective actions. All roughness results from the entire length of each produced reel are stored in the system’s database for quality certification and production-reporting.

“Continuous surface-roughness measurement allows manufacturers to really optimize their processes for each product and material, and to push the envelope for absolutely maximum line speed and production output,” says Juha Saily, sales manager for FocalSpec. “Other benefits include improved product quality, reduced scrap, faster process startups and changeovers, and reduced labor needed in quality control activities.”

The launch of the MicroProfiler MP900 coincides with FocalSpec lecturing on the subject at the IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium in Providence, Rhode Island, Oct. 2–5, 2016.


About The Author

FocalSpec, Inc.

FocalSpec provides groundbreaking measuring technology that combines the world’s highest levels of accuracy with exceptional measuring speed. For the first time ever, lab level accurate 2D and 3D imaging of transparent and mirror shiny materials is achievable in an automated industrial environment.