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Morehouse Instrument Co.


Morehouse Introduces a Quick-Change Tension Member Calibration System

Force application without distortion

Published: Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 15:01

(Morehouse: York, PA) -- Morehouse Instrument Co. introduces the quick change tension member calibration system.

This system allows laboratories to calibrate load cells so the force application is not distorted. The spherical used in the tension members minimize eccentric forces by improving vertical alignment. The result is improved repeatability, which can allow lower measurement uncertainty.

Here a load, with a quick change adapter, is being placed into the bottom tension member of a Morehouse calibration system.


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Morehouse Instrument Co.

Morehouse Instrument Co. is privately-owned and has been providing calibration measurement integrity since 1925. The company is a primary reference laboratory for force and torque measurements. Morehouse primary standards have uncertainties that are typically 10–50 times better than accredited calibration service suppliers that use secondary standards. Morehouse also designs, manufactures, and sells test equipment and systems for force and torque calibration service applications in a broad range of industries.