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LaserLinc Inc.


LaserLinc Announces TLAser1240 Micrometer

New single-axis diameter gauge for the inspection of large products

Published: Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 14:30

(LaserLinc: Dayton, OH) -- LaserLinc Inc., a United States manufacturer of technology for precision measurement of diameter, ovality, wall thickness, concentricity, eccentricity, and inside diameter, is pleased to introduce the TLAser1240 scanning laser micrometer, a new single-axis diameter gauge for the inspection of large products, quickly and accurately without contact.

The TLAser1240 micrometer measures diameter, height, or width up to 9.1 inches (231mm) and is designed for use in industries such as metal, glass, wire and cable, and plastics and rubber extrusion. For metals and glass, the transmitter and receiver components can be separated to keep away from moving product or equipment, as well as heat sources.

• Measure any material, even if transparent
• Fast inspection - 1,600 measurements per second. At 50 feet/minute, a measurement is made every .007” of product for virtual 100% coverage
• Repeatability (two second) - ±.00008” [±2µm]
• Separate transmitter, receiver, and rigid mounting rail - mount in any orientation and out of the way of moving product and equipment
• Use two units together to get dual-axis (XY) inspection, or three for three-axis diameter and accurate ovality measurement
• Integrate with the Total Vu™ HMI using a standard Ethernet connection for complete product and process monitoring and control
• Integrate with line control PLCs using the SmartLinc processor and industrial communications such as EtherNet/IP
• FOUR-year warranty

According to Jeff Kohler, vice president of LaserLinc, “Prior to the TLAser1240, measuring large parts was a difficult task. This micrometer solves this problem with both speed and precision.”


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LaserLinc Inc.

LaserLinc Inc. manufactures noncontact laser and ultrasonic systems for measuring inside and outside diameter and wall thickness for wire, cable, fiber, hose, tube, pipe, centerless grinding, and many other industries. The hardware pairs with LaserLinc’s sophisticated, yet operator-friendly measurement/data processing package, Total Vu software, which runs on any Windows-based PC. LaserLinc systems give you the picture you need of the products you make—in real time, with real-time charts, graphical cross-section display, and measurements in configurable, easy-to-read panels.