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Calibrate Your Comparator With Precision

HEIDENHAIN can evaluate the dynamic and static motion deviation of your machine tool

Published: Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - 09:46

(HEIDENHAIN: Schaumburg, IL) -- The HEIDENHAIN 4×12 Inspection Master is now available for use in calibrating optical comparator system axes. It is especially useful in verifying its X and Y axis position when using the calibration standard in conjunction with evaluation electronics from HEIDENHAIN.

With the use of the HEIDENHAIN 4×12 Inspection Checker, it’s possible to then apply linear, segmented, and nonlinear error correction functions through evaluation electronics like the ND1200 or ND1300, also available from HEIDENHAIN. This will enable the user to compensate the inherent variation in the comparator stage itself, and ensure that measurement results will be as precise as possible.

For more information contact HEIDENHAIN metrology product specialist Stuart Graham at (847) 519-3296.


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HEIDENHAIN Corp. is the North American subsidiary of DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, international manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment. HEIDENHAIN Corp. develops and manufactures linear  scales, rotary and angular  encoders, digital readouts, digital length gauges, computer numerical controls, and machine inspection equipment. HEIDENHAIN products are used in high-precision machine tools,  for the production and processing of electronic components, for various telescopes and satellite receiving antennas, and in measuring and test equipment developed and built for many of the world’s standards laboratories.