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ECM Global Measurement Solutions


ECM Launches 3D Surveying Division

To meet high demand for AEC customers

Published: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 15:31

(ECM: Topsfield, MA) -- East Coast Metrology has announced the official launch of its new division dedicated to 3D surveying and building information modeling (BIM) services.

Metrology instruments are no longer just for metrology labs and manufacturing plants. As the quality control industry continues to evolve, the need for 3D surveying is changing the way companies plan, design, build, and manage their businesses. From large buildings such as airports, museums, hospitals, and chemical refinery plants to an entire city, this 3D surveying technique is becoming increasingly common within the architecture, engineering, construction, heavy civil, and facility planning industries.

“When you visit ECMSurveying.com, you can expect to learn about our company, our engineering experience, our process within the BIM application industry, the type of equipment we use, and our large project portfolio encompassing several of our customer projects within this industry,” explains Cali Schwartzly, marketing and business development manager at ECM. “Although there is some overlap between ECMSurveying.com and East Coast metrology, we believe this new website clearly outlines our goals, initiatives, and most important, our experience within this growing industry.”

The advantages of using metrology for geospatial applications

Portable, terrestrial scanners are noncontact 3D measurement systems that digitally document the location of an object’s outer surface; these systems record as-built or as-is conditions. Using the latest in scanning technology, ECM can create a 3D digital record of a customer’s facility before and after the install. The 3D surveying scanners used by ECM take digital images of their surroundings while scanning elevations and points with extreme accuracy. These digital images are matched to the scan yielding a true view of the existing conditions. In combination with uniquely designed BIM software, 3D modeling and animated videos can be created to emphasize key characteristics of as-built conditions. Popular applications of BIM include interior scans of equipment and facility layouts, as well as large-scale infrastructure projects and shipyard applications.

ECM recognizes the need for a full-service metrology solutions provider, one that has the tools and geospatial scanning techniques to deliver comprehensive reports that customers need to accomplish their goals. “High precision surveying is where our expertise lies, and ECM is equipped to assist the industry with the latest in 3D surveying equipment and know-how,” says Gary Confalone, president and CEO of East Coast Metrology. “The success of ECM comes from our commitment to ensure that each and every one of our customers receives the highest quality of measurement services in a timely and professional manner.”

Whether you’re contracting ECM for a measurement project or renting equipment, you can expect exceptional support and unequaled metrology knowledge from the company’s highly qualified engineers and management team.


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ECM Global Measurement Solutions provides dimensional measurement, alignment, and engineering services to a wide range of industries including: automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, research, power generation, shipbuilding, architecture, and consumer products. ECM works with you on a project basis with an on-site presence or as a virtual extension of your own in-house team.