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AIMS to Host First Three-Day Quality Manufacturing Event

May 10–12, 2016, in Dayton, Ohio

Published: Monday, March 14, 2016 - 16:41

(AIMS: Dayton, OH) -- AIMS Metrology, an OEM for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), will host its first educational event, Advancing Quality In Manufacturing, May 10–12, 2016, at its newly expanded facility in Dayton, Ohio.

In addition to plant tours and new equipment demonstrations, AIMS is scheduling industry heavyweights from the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries to talk with manufacturers that want to increase throughput yet are hampered by slow inspection and data collection capabilities. Attendees will also have access to AIMS’ application engineers and guest speakers for one-on-one discussion about unique problems they may be dealing with.

“Quality control can no longer be a bottleneck in manufacturing,” says Gary Rockwell, director of marketing and product development for AIMS. “Recent advances in CMM technology have demonstrated the ability to improve throughput and reduce inspection time by as much as 50 percent. Improved data collection and analysis software is another key area manufacturers are looking at. We want to expose people to CMM equipment they can actually use on the shop floor vs. the traditional method of having to remove parts from production and transfer them to a quality control laboratory for measurement and verification.”

For more information about the Advancing Quality In Manufacturing event contact AIMS at (937) 320-4930, or email Gary Rockwell at grockwell@aimsmetrology.com.


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AIMS, Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems, was founded in 2009 to equip the industry with the tools to perform accurate, flexible, 3D inspection of in-process and finished parts. In 2015, the Dayton, Ohio-based OEM introduced its Revolution HB and LM Series coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) designed and engineered with Renishaw 5-axis measurement technology. AIMS’ products support Renishaw probe heads, touch probes, scanning probes, incremental encoder scale systems, change racks, styli, controls, and software. In addition to matching customer requirements with the right turnkey CMM system, AIMS provides installation and after-service support, retrofit and maintenance services, and training.