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Keytroller Raises the Bar with Most Accurate Hydraulic Scale on the Market

PRECISE Hi-Accuracy forklift scale achieves 0.2 percent maximum deviation

Published: Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 18:05

(Keytroller: Tampa, FL) -- Keytroller has set a new standard in forklift weighing with the introduction of the most accurate hydraulic scale on the market. The PRECISE Hi-Accuracy forklift scale offers weighing precision nearly as accurate as carriage or fork load cell scales, but at half the cost. Additionally, the product is water-resistant and designed to withstand tough, abusive applications.

The PRECISE Hi-Accuracy forklift scale is equipped with a 4.3-in. color LCD touchscreen and solenoid operated bypass module, enabling it to achieve the highest accuracy reading of any hydraulic scale on the market.

Simple operation

When an operator is ready to weigh a load, he or she raises the load to the level of the magnetic sensor, which beeps, alerting the operator to start the weighing process.

When the weighing process begins, a horizontal line on the display gives the operator a reference as to the load’s full-capacity percentage for the forklift.

When a load picked is above the preprogrammed full-capacity percentage threshold, the unit will warn the operator. If the overload continues, an external siren alarm will sound. The device will automatically store the time and date of the previous 10 overload events in the memory log.

How it works

Hydraulic fluid under pressure bypasses through the module, past the sensor, where it samples hundreds of pressure readings. This process removes the majority of pressure inaccuracy that is associated with single-reading conventional hydraulic scales. This technology enables the product to maintain a 0.2-percent maximum deviation.


Users are able to name up to 100 different channels, such as aluminum scrap, XYZ Inc., etc., as well as total each channel’s gross weight, tare (container weight), and net weight. Further, an operator can input a reference to each weighment (such as PO#, invoice#, customer name, etc.). Each channel stores up to 1,400 events with independent identifiers entered for each weighing.

Users can remove the weighing data with a USB stick, or by removing the SD memory card. Weighing event log data is time and date stamped and can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, where the data can be manipulated into reports, graphs, and charts.

Keytroller offers a tabletop demonstration kit, which allows qualified buyers to evaluate the quality, design, features, and capabilities of the PRECISE Hi-Accuracy forklift scale.

To view a video of the PRECISE Hi-Accuracy forklift scale in action or obtain additional product information, visit http://www.keytroller.com/PRECISE-Hi-Accuracy-Forklift-Scale.html.


About The Author


Founded in 1988, Keytroller, LLC designs, manufactures and supplies a full line of electronic safety devices designed for forklifts, construction equipment, aerial lifts, personal carriers, boats and vehicles. Their solutions include: RFID/code, access-monitoring systems; electronic checklist automation; impact and speed sensing and control; directional shift controls; anti-theft wireless relay systems; digital video DVR recorders with GPS; wireless camera viewing systems, forklift spotlight warning LED, cellular and WiFi hour meters; and high accuracy hydraulic weigh scales.