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Dianne Hillhouse


Prevent Alloy Mix-Ups and Take Control of Your Supply Chain

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are proven tools to help do this

Published: Thursday, December 1, 2016 - 15:23

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Manufacturers often hold suppliers to a rigid quality process that dictates tight controls on all raw materials. Nonconforming material can potentially halt the production line, wasting time and money. Unfortunately, material mix-ups are a reality in critical manufacturing operations.

Incoming materials must be tested to help ensure quality control and quality assurance. “Trust but verify” is a motto that every manufacturer should live by to protect their operations, and Vanta handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are proven tools that can help provide this protection.

X-ray fluorescence analyzers help ensure manufacturers and installers of expensive or mission-critical components and machinery have the correct alloy grades, regardless of the material source. The analyzers provide on-the-spot material chemistry and alloy identification for greater confidence that you’re using the right material for the job. For maximum uptime in the most rugged environments, Vanta analyzers are drop tested (MIL-STD 810 G) and IP65 rated (M Series analyzers are IP64 rated).

Alloy grades and positive material identification (PMI) in seconds

For rapid, definitive material confirmation, handheld X-ray fluorescence enables operators to quickly identify material mix-ups and improve material control processes for a rapid return on investment. Vanta analyzers provide accurate results on turnings, shavings, rods, and wires to small parts and components, to more sizeable material or structures for testing anytime, anywhere.

XRF analyzers provide specific material chemistry to quickly identify alloy grades and pure metals. Get alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds, from simple sorting to challenging grade separations, and from incoming material inspection to end-product verification.

Traceability and managing test data are essential for communicating results. Vanta analyzers make it easy to manage data. With multiple ways to export and review results, including USB direct connect, USB flash drive, or SD card, sharing results and creating reports is fast and easy. These analyzers also have optional wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth for real-time data transfer and immediate results.


Vanta analyzers are built for fast results and maximum productivity in industrial environments. They are durable for increased uptime and a low cost of ownership:
IP65 rated to withstand rain, dirt, and dust
• Drop tested to U.S. Department of Defense methods (MIL-STD-810G), reducing the risk of damage and costly repairs when a device is dropped or jostled
The detector shutter on the C and M series models helps prevent punctures, so you can analyze rough surfaces with confidence

Fast, accurate and repeatable

Olympus’ Axon technology built into every Vanta analyzer provides accurate alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds for typical QA/QC applications and materials-verification programs.
Axon technology uses ultra-low-noise electronics that enabling higher X-ray counts per second for fast, accurate, and repeatable results.
• Quad-core processor for accurate results in the least amount of time.
Test-to-test and instrument-to-instrument repeatability.


The Vanta series’ optional sample and panoramic cameras, user-defined input fields, connectivity features, and extensive data reporting capabilities maximize the speed and efficiency of industrial goods processing.

User-friendly software enables operators to make inspections with minimal training.
• Touch screen that is clear, bright, and readable in any light
• Intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate
Customize which features and functions are displayed on the main screen
Data export is fast and simple
Unique user name and password login for each user
Ergonomic buttons and an industrial-grade, push-button joystick make it easy to navigate the system with gloved hands

The Vanta analyzer brings the power and flexibility of handheld XRF to the field. Axon technology’s accelerated testing times enable hundreds of tests to be conducted per day with analytical confidence. The analyzer’s extensive grade library provides nominal chemistry for light elements when the fastest testing speeds are required.

Vanta analyzer’s SmartSort and Grade Match Messaging features enable operators to quickly identify alloy grades for improved quality control and analysis.

The SmartSort feature automatically extends or terminates testing based on material chemistry to maximize accuracy and throughput. To maximize efficiency, SmartSort software automatically extends tests for light elements (e.g., magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur) when necessary. Users can configure the analyzer so that the testing time is automatically extended for specific alloy grades, helping prevent mix-ups and improving the quality control process.

Grade Match Messaging
The Grade Match Messaging feature provides information to simplify material verification and streamline operations. With this customizable feature, assign a match message to any grade and alert operators with real-time messages for immediate sorting instructions.

Vanta analyzers help users make decisions in real time with minimal reliance on off-site laboratory testing.

Join us for a webinar
To learn more about Vanta analyzers, we invite you to join us for a webinar presentation on Tues., Dec. 6, 2016, at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern, which will review the advances in handheld XRF technology with Olympus’ introduction of Vanta handheld XRF for manufacturing and maintenance QA/QC.

Learn how new Axon technology delivers accurate results in as little as 1–2 seconds and provides test-to-test and instrument-to-instrument repeatability. We’ll also review how the analyzer’s intuitive software enables efficient fleet management for both multiuser and multiyard operations.

The webinar will review:
Why handheld XRF is critical for manufacturing and maintenance applications
Vanta analyzer’s performance, productivity, and cost of ownership
Demonstration of speed on some typical alloys used in manufacturing and maintenance
Review the performance and precision of alloys (304, 316, 321, Monel K500, 6061, 2014, and more)
Demonstration of the analyzer’s new user interface and why the simplicity is important
Data traceability, exporting, and transferring for manufacturing QC and plant/facility maintenance

Register for the webinar here.


About The Author

Dianne Hillhouse

Dianne Hillhouse has more than 18 years of experience with laboratory and handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy, with extensive focus on industrial metal and alloy applications. She currently provides business development for Olympus’ inspection service and downstream oil and gas markets.