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Transforming Quality Organizations: A Practical Guide

New e-book on quality system management now available for pre-order

Published: Tuesday, March 28, 2023 - 12:00

(Business Expert Press: New York) -- How can business professionals adapt to an ever-changing landscape while maintaining, or even improving, work performance and product quality? A new book questions whether the current approach to managing quality is fit for purpose and offers practical ways to balance a quality system to achieve better outcomes for patients, customers, regulators, and stockholders.

Transforming Quality Organizations: A Practical Guide (Business Expert Press), by Matthew P. Wictome, Ph.D., and Ian Wells, Ph.D., provides business leaders with a fresh and practical approach to managing quality systems.

Applicable to all businesses where quality is paramount, Transforming Quality Organizations provides a road map for change that enables businesses to manage risk, achieve compliance, and support innovation. The book draws on the authors’ practical experience of executing transformational change in the healthcare sector. Results have included: a 50 percent reduction in product recall rates, a 50 percent reduction in product-development cycle times, and significant cost savings in quality system execution.

Wictome is the managing director and founder of Datod Consulting, which specializes in building better and more effective quality organizations. He holds a doctorate in biochemistry and a master’s degree in strategy, change, and leadership from the University of Bristol.

Wells is the vice president of QARA for Trinity Biotech. He has more than 30 years of experience in R&D, operations, and quality/regulation in the healthcare sector, and has developed a methodology of strategic quality change based on the “transformation map” concept.

The release date for Transforming Quality Organizations: A Practical Guide is April 17, 2023, but it is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

All the authors’ proceeds from this book will go to Patient Safety Movement Foundation, a charitable organization with the mission of eradicating preventable harm and death in healthcare.


“This book offers a unique perspective on managing your quality system, with both strategic and practical advice for leaders who are looking to maximize their business impact.”—Jennifer Paine, senior vice president, global regulatory affairs, medical devices

“The first quality management systems book I have read that focuses more on solving problems and achieving opportunities and provides frameworks and methodologies to achieve these goals.”—Thomas Stevenson, chief operating officer, medical devices

“The book describes the integration of quality theory to practical application in a refreshing way that’s an excellent reference book for those driving operational transformation in their business.”—Ian Elliott, retired chief operations officer, medical devices

“Highlights the importance of balancing quality with healthcare compliance and shows how you can transform your quality organization and system to help your business be more effective and efficient.”—Àngels Roma, vice president QRA, In Vitro Diagnostics

Contact information

For more information, readers can contact the authors at matt.wictome@datod-consulting.co.uk or ian.wells@trinitybiotech.com, or the director of production and marketing, Charlene Kronstedt, at charlene.kronstedt@businessexpertpress.com.


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