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Sunnen Acquires Hommel Präzision

Former service partner provides honing and deep-hole drilling solutions

Published: Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - 12:00

(Sunnen Products Co.: St. Louis) -- Sunnen Products Co. has acquired Hommel Präzision, a former division of the Hommel Gruppe and a leading provider of honing and, more recently, deep-hole drilling solutions in Germany for more than 70 years. Since 1950, Hommel Präzision has been the exclusive sales and service partner of Sunnen in Germany. The company’s sales and technical service teams will all remain the same, further augmented by the service and support of the Sunnen global network.

“Hommel Präzision is a well-respected, customer-focused organization, and we are happy to have them as an official part of Sunnen,” says Chris Miltenberger, president and CEO of Sunnen. “Our customer base benefits directly from the in-country sales and technical support capabilities.”

Honing has proven itself for decades as an alternative to internal grinding, fine turning, reaming, and roller burnishing. Through its decades-long affiliation with Hommel Präzision, Sunnen is an established leader in Germany for honing components for the metalworking industry. And, as a systems manufacturer, Sunnen offers all the necessary tools, fluids, gauges, and accessories from a single source—and not just honing, but in the past few years a full line of deep-hole drilling solutions, including machinery and the cutting tools to support them.

Sunnen’s bore-finishing solutions include vertical and horizontal honing machines for single and series production; automated honing machines as processing cells or multilinked systems; single and multispindle, modular honing machines with maximum variability; portable hand-honing devices for complex workpieces and individual parts; and a wide range of grinding strips, honing tools, honing oils, bore gauges, and tools for third-party products. Sunnen’s deep-hole drilling line of products includes skiving as well as roller-burnishing machines, cutting tools, cutting inserts, and accessories.

Sunnen’s world headquarters and main manufacturing plant is in St. Louis, with additional sales and manufacturing facilities in 14 countries employing more than 700 worldwide. For additional information on Sunnen bore-finishing solutions, tools, and abrasives, email Sunnen Products Co. at sales@sunnen.com or visit www.sunnen.com.


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