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Visual Workplace Inc.


Seven Pillars of Visual Management Create a Safer, More Efficient Workplace

Free guide from Visual Workplace also includes self-assessment questions and tools

Published: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 16:10

(Visual Workplace: Byron Center, MI) -- Visual Workplace Inc. offers “Visual Management Techniques to Define Organized, Productive, Safe Territories and Work Areas,” a free, downloadable PDF to help employers assess their facilities and create a safe workplace using visual management techniques. The guide touches on personal protective equipment, facility safety instructions, and machine/equipment/process protocols, showing how visual information is critical to making safer decisions in any workplace. The guide also includes self-assessment questions and tools such as the “Top 12 Safety/Emergency Notification Systems” that every facility should have in place.

This guide is part of Visual Workplace’s 7 Pillars of Visual Management techniques that help companies increase safety and operational efficiency. A strong visual management system drives the culture and rate of continuous improvement, resulting in benefits such as improved customer experience and increased shareholder value and financial performance. The 7 Pillars include: leadership, territory, work instructions, scoreboards, process control, inventory, and safety.


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Visual Workplace Inc.

Visual Workplace Inc. specializes in high quality products needed to help implement and sustain a lean work environment and 5S programs—such as the Mobile In-House Sign Shop which is designed for mobility and speed to tackle all 5S projects and to create visual controls quickly and easily at a fraction of the normal cost to purchase signs. Visual Workplace Inc. operates worldwide serving the automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, aerospace, retail, telecommunications, government/defense, pharmaceutical, health care, and educational industries.