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Omnex Announces Latest Webinars on Automotive SPICE and EwQIMS

ASPICE on Aug. 24, EwQIMS on Aug. 31

Published: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 - 12:01

(Omnex: Ann Arbor, MI) -- Omnex has announced its latest two webinars, “ASPICE Standards Get Updated to PAM 4.0,” and “EwQIMS SP—Your Next Step in the Journey for the Digitalization of Quality.”

Webinar title:ASPICE Standards Get Updated to PAM 4.0
Date and time: Aug. 24, 2023, 11:00 a.m. Eastern
Speaker: Chad Kymal, Ranjeet Chhabra

The Automotive SPICE is undergoing major changes in its scope, requirements, guidelines, and training. Join this 1.5-hour webinar to find out the essentials of this change to PAM 4.0 from Omnex’s ASPICE experts. Join Ranjeet Chhabra, intacs and ASPICE principal assessor and instructor and a member of intacs working groups, and Chad Kymal, CTO of Omnex and principal assessor for ASPICE. They will present the changes to ASPICE in the new PAM 4.0. ASPICE v4.0 (officially v3.991—draft of 4.0) is released and there have been some major changes in the new version. This includes major structural changes with the addition of new process groups and processes, including changes in BPs and GPs. The VDA Scope has also undergone critical changes.

The current ASPICE VDA scope is structured as a basic set that includes some of the management and support processes along with four plug-ins: SYS, SWE, HW, and ML (machine learning). VDA recommended scope for an assessment includes the basic set with at least one plug-in SYS, SWE, HW, or ML. Additional plug-ins and processes from ASPICE (flex scope), including processes from other PRM, can be added per the assessment purpose. The presentation by Chhabra and Kymal will be followed by a roundtable discussion on critical changes and their implications with assessors from around the globe: Nikhil Unnikrishnan (U.S.), Micael Edvardsson (Europe), and Shelfer Xu (China). The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Attend the free webinar to learn about “ASPICE Standards Get Updated to PAM 4.0.”

Register here.

Webinar title: EwQIMS SP—Your Next Step in the Journey for the Digitalization of Quality.
Date and time: Aug. 31, 2023, 11:00 a.m. Eastern time
Speaker: Antony John, Chad Kymal

Enterprisewide quality and integrated management systems (EwQIMS) have transformed many organizations in the areas of quality, new product development/APQP, QHSE/integrated management system, and supplier quality management systems in the past four decades. Omnex has announced its new Service Pack, with features to strengthen your digitalization journey and equip you with a strategic advantage over your competition.

See the webinar to learn more about EwQIMS SP release:
• Strategy and thought leadership behind the release
• Valuable insights on the features released
• Sneak preview of NPD, QHSE, and supplier quality management platforms
• Success stories and customer feedback from the SP soft launch

Attend the free webinar to learn about EwQIMS SP—your next step in the journey for the digitalization of quality.

Register here.


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