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Everbridge Certification Measures Organizational Risk Readiness

Demonstrating a commitment to keeping people safe and organizations running

Published: Tuesday, August 16, 2022 - 12:00

(Everbridge: Burlington, MA) -- Everbridge, a global leader in critical event management (CEM) and national public warning software solutions, has announced the findings of its first annual Best in Resilience study, designed to measure the operational readiness of government organizations and multinational businesses to manage critical events before, during, and after they occur. A “resilient” organization ensures that employees, assets, resources, and communities are protected from risks including natural disasters, man-made threats, digital downtime, supply chain interruptions, and everything in between.

The Everbridge Best in Resilience Certification Program provides a unique standards framework for assessing an organization’s overall resilience, leveraging 20 years of professional services engagements in more than 150 countries to offer businesses and government agencies an end-to-end methodology for evaluating resilience when confronted with critical events.

The study’s respondents were asked a range of questions about their organizations’ preparedness in the face of disruptive events. A sampling of the results from companies that achieved Best in Resilience certification status include:
• 98 percent feel optimistic about building resilience against critical events in the future
• 84 percent can notify impacted/potentially impacted parties in less than 10 minutes
• 84 percent routinely assess risk events and determine their impact in less than 15 minutes of learning about the event
• 68 percent can account for the safety of the majority of employees in less than 30 minutes
• 61 percent use dynamic location information to identify risks to people and target communications to them
• Respondents are most concerned about cyber threats (84.1%), physical attacks (84.1%), and severe weather (81.8%)
• Respondents take action through training (97.7%), tabletop exercises (90.9%), and software deployment/use (81.8%)

More and more enterprises are taking part in the Best in Resilience Certification Program, including, most recently, healthcare company Humana. They join the ranks of companies such as Goldman Sachs, Dow, Discover, Takeda, NBCUniversal, Lincoln Financial Group, Medtronic, Johnson Controls, American Family Insurance, and Siemens in meeting the rigorous formalized standards for certification.

“Siemens is a company with operations literally in every corner of the globe,” says Gerald Ulmer, Siemens head of strategy and digital transformation. “Corporate Security is protecting Siemens and is helping it to unlock commercial opportunities and grow. In this regard, continuous reflection is crucial on the path to resilience.

Programs such as Best in Resilience are an excellent opportunity for such reflections, critical and inclusive, providing tremendous insights and learnings, and above all, delivering clues and recommendations for direct implementation and improvement.”

Brad Abelt, Johnson Controls GSOC and security ops manager, says, “Best in Resilience is a great benchmarking tool to see how our organization stacks up against others and provides opportunities for us to improve,” while Aaron Van Gieson, Medtronic senior continuity and program manager at Medtronic, says, “The Best in Resilience Program provides credible recognition of the efforts we have undertaken to protect our people, operations, and reputation.”

Best in Resilience Certification also helps ensure that public organizations and governments are best equipped to anticipate and manage critical events.

“We’ve made tremendous progress in how we coordinate with responders and deliver location-based alerts,” says deputy CEO Tómas Gíslason for 112 Iceland, which coordinates emergency preparedness and response for the country. “The assessment process affirmed our accomplishments and provided further opportunities for improvement.”

With Best in Resilience certification, organizations can: benchmark their performance against industry peers, including areas of strength and opportunities for improvement; improve resilience planning, budgeting, and resource allocation; demonstrate a commitment to duty of care, instilling trust among employees, partners, and customers; and recruit and retain top talent.

“Everbridge congratulates all of our certified customers for demonstrating the kind of resilience leadership that serves as a model for other forward-thinking organizations,” says Vernon Irvin, Everbridge executive vice president and chief revenue officer. “With critical events rising across the world, operational resilience represents a way to thrive amid uncertain times. Our methodology provides the industry’s first standardized way to measure and foster digital transformation.”

For more information, visit www.everbridge.com, read the company blog, and follow on Twitter and Facebook.


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