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Ryan E. Day


Getting the Most Out of Management Development Efforts

The psychology of organizational excellence

Published: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 12:01

Psychology is an important element in organizational excellence for managers. In particular, the ability to face one’s fears, develop resilience, and adapt to change fosters success for a manager as well as for the company and all its employees.

Developing your people really is where the rubber meets the road, but all too often the time and money spent on developing managers is not transferring to employees. Managers may read books, go to workshops, and attend a convention, and they understand the theory and concepts, but they’re not actually developing related behaviors in their employees.

In this interview, Kelly Graves, CEO of Internal Business Solutions, reveals how effective managers involve their employees to maximize employee engagement and achieve company goals.


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Ryan E. Day is Quality Digest's senior editor for solution-based reporting, which brings together those seeking business improvement solutions, and solution providers. Day has spent the last decade researching and interviewing top business leaders and continuous improvement experts at companies like Sakor, Ford, Merchandize Liquidators, Olympus, 3D Systems, Hexagon, Intertek, InfinityQS, Johnson Controls, FARO, and Eckel Industries. Most of his reporting is done with the help of his 20-lb. tabby cat at his side.