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X-Rite and Pantone Win Pinnacle InterTech Award With Mantis Video Targeting Technology for eXact 2

Recognized as best-in-class industry technology by Printing United Alliance

Published: Thursday, October 27, 2022 - 11:00

(X-Rite: Grand Rapids, MI) -- X-Rite Inc. and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, announced they won the 2022 Pinnacle InterTech Award for the Mantis Video Targeting Technology for the eXact 2 noncontact handheld spectrophotometer.

This patented technology uses imaging technology and a high-resolution camera to show the operator precisely what is being measured without obscuring the target. This eliminates uncertainty and remeasuring by providing the operator with confidence that the right spot was measured. The Pinnacle InterTech Awards, sponsored by Printing United Alliance, recognize best-in-class products created for and by the printing industry.

“Combining imaging technology and capture with spectral data is the future of color measurement, making it easier for users to visualize and analyze the exact point of measurement to reduce errors,” said Arthur Smith, X-Rite VP of product development. “Winning the prestigious Pinnacle InterTech Award validates the importance of this innovative technology in helping customers streamline and simplify their color workflows, allowing them to better serve their customer base and grow their business.”

The X-Rite eXact 2 is the first color measurement device for the print and packaging market to combine Mantis video targeting, imaging technology, onboard camera, scanning, Wi-Fi, and advanced software integrations. In addition to allowing operators to see what they are measuring, Mantis technology also enables Digital Loupe capabilities. This allows users to zoom in on the device screen after capturing a spot to pinpoint small areas on artwork or labels and inspect patches to analyze dot gain or identify artifacts, dirt, or defects. Digital Loupe can be used to inspect registration targets to verify proper plate alignment. The system also captures the image as part of an audit trail to ensure measurement quality.

The eXact 2 seamlessly integrates with the X-Rite software ecosystem from color specification, ink formulation, and quality control software directly on the device screen to quickly verify color data with customer requirements. Print, packaging, and ink professionals can drive their workflow directly from the eXact 2 for maximum efficiency.

The Pinnacle InterTech Awards are given to companies with new and innovative technology likely to have a significant impact on printing and graphics companies. An independent panel of industry judges reviewed nominations and selected the X-Rite Mantis Video Targeting technology for eXact 2 for this recognition.

“The judges had the tough task of singling out breakthrough innovations from many excellent entries,” says Dawn Nye, Printing United Alliance program manager. “We congratulate all who participated and those who were designated with this award.”

For more information on the eXact 2 family, visit www.xrite.com/exact


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