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WFL Demonstrates M50 MILLTURN at 2022 IMTS Chicago

Witness digital capabilities and live on-the-spot machining

Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 - 11:59

(WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH: Linz, Austria) -- The 2022 International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 12–17 in Chicago, will host industry professionals from around the globe and feature the latest innovations in digital and traditional manufacturing.

WFL will be presenting its M50 MILLTURN complete machining center as well as the latest digitalization and automation trends. The solutions range from smart software to screw programming to intelligent tools and clamping devices.

Visitors can experience live machining at the M50 MILLTURN/3000 mm. The multifunctional turning-boring-milling center is designed for complete machining of complex chuck and shaft parts up to 670 mm swing over bed. Turning, milling, drilling, hobbing, shaping, gun drilling, as well as ID machining, can be performed under any angle of the tool. The interpolation of up to five axes makes machining of any geometrical profile possible. Large safety windows provide the best possible overview of the working area. The machine also has an innovative and energy-saving lighting concept with LED lamps. On this machine, show visitors will be able to witness a demo part being machined.

M50 MILLTURN power pack

WFL develops special tools that are perfectly tailored to the MILLTURN and are used to machine complex workpieces. Hard-to-access areas often require long special tools. WFL prismatic tool holders can be used for precisely this kind of challenging machining operation; they are secured to the turning-boring-milling unit (in addition to the HSK or Capto tool system) with a prismatic tool accommodation. These tooling solutions enable users to maximize the machine‘s full potential.

Internal machining for complex workpieces


WFL continuously optimizes the machining processes in its machines. However, there are always interruptions requiring operator intervention, such as measurements and controls. It is important to minimize these interruptions to make best use of the availability and productivity of the machine. This is ensured by software packages in the machine control, as well as additional intelligent clamping devices and tools that automate the processes.

One of these tools is WFL iControl, the new process monitoring system. iControl directly processes signals coming from the machine or from external sensors, such as coolant flow rate, coolant pressure, vibration sensors in a boring bar, or the clamping force of a clamping jaw.

The new myWFL operational data acquisition system provides 24/7 overview to optimize potential in a smart factory.

Machine states are recorded with myWFL Cockpit. The program monitors override positions and logs program run times. This provides a constant overview of the machine's productivity and the variability of program run times. MyWFL Energy permanently measures and logs the machine’s energy and compressed-air consumption. This consumption can also be broken down into individual tools or process steps, allowing comparisons to be made.

MyWFL Condition Monitoring enables the user to move spindles and axes by running an idle program at cyclical intervals. The program uses sensors to record forces and vibrations. Long-term evaluation shows, for example, whether there is an imminent change in the bearing or in one of the guide systems. This helps to prevent unforeseen downtimes and plan machine maintenance in a timely manner.

Depending on customer requirements, different automation variants are used for automatic workpiece loading and unloading. The series ranges from bar feeders to gantry loaders to articulated and mobile robots. Peripheral transport and storage systems for workpieces, tools, and jaws can be combined as desired.

Static production lines are giving way to the next generation of robots: intelligent, mobile robot units are taking their place, moving around the space independently.

See WFL’s latest innovations in McCormick Center’s South Building, Level 3, Booth 338666—Metal Removal.


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