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Starrett Introduces Precision Wireless Electronic Depth Gages

Easy to use, automated measurement collection

Published: Thursday, November 30, 2023 - 12:01

(Starrett: Athol, MA) -- The L.S. Starrett Co., a leading global manufacturer of precision measuring tools and gages, metrology systems and more, has introduced three wireless electronic depth gages made in the United States: W640JZ, W643JZ, and W644JZ.

They are part of a line of more than 40 new electronic precision gages that Starrett recently introduced to the market. The new depth gages feature a digital readout that can be viewed on a large easy-to-read LCD display, and offer automated wireless measurement data collection when integrated with data acquisition applications such as Starrett DataSure 4.0 software.

“We are very pleased to offer our customers new, easy-to-use and precise wireless electronic gages that are made right here in Athol to renowned Starrett quality standards,” says Tim Cucchi, Starrett continuous improvement manager for assembly. “The new wireless depth gages are convenient and fast, with no wires to contend with. Together with DataSure 4.0, measurement data can automatically be collected by the touch of a button. An embedded radio in the wireless depth gage allows data to be transmitted up to 30 ft, or up to hundreds of yards by adding a backpack.”

The new W643JZ depth gage features a knife-edge base and a needlepoint contact that has been hardened and ground. The conical point, which is 1/2 in. long with a 40° angle, can be precisely positioned for close work due to a cutout on the knife base. All three of the new Starrett wireless electronic depth gages are accurate to +/- 0.001 in./0.03 mm, and have a 0.0005 in./ 0.01 mm resolution. Measurement ranges for each of the gages are as follows: the W640JZ offers a range of 0–0.500 in. (0–13 mm); the W643JZ offers a range of 0–0.125 in. (0–3 mm); and the W644JZ offers a range of 0–3 in. (0–75 mm).

All gages feature positive, tactile button activation as well as a long rechargeable battery life, origin set and zero set, and automatic shutoff after 20 minutes of inactivity.

For complete specifications of the W640JZ, W643JZ, and W644JZ wireless electronic depth gages, visit starrett.com/e-depth-gages.

From left: Starrett W643JZ, W640JZ, and W644JZ wireless electronic depth gages


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