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Signalysis and MECALC Technologies Partnership Expands Product Quality Testing

Signalysis SigQC software now fully integrated with MECALC QuantusSeries instrumentation

Published: Monday, September 11, 2023 - 11:00

(Signalysis: Cincinnati) -- Signalysis Inc., a leading provider of end-of-production quality test systems, has announced a partnership with hardware supplier MECALC. The collaboration opens the door for the integration of Signalysis SigQC quality inspection software with MECALC’s QuantusSeries instrumentation.

The QuantusSeries is a complete suite of tools used for the industry’s most demanding data acquisition applications. In addition to the quality of analog signal processing and sensor support, every system uses state-of-the-art digital processors to further process and manage signal information.

SigQC technology powers Signalysis quality inspection systems to objectively identify structural flaws/anomalies and determine in real time whether quality goals or customer specifications are met. Flexible and scalable, SigQC adapts to support the broad range of production and laboratory testing applications.

“MECALC is thrilled to partner with Signalysis, renowned for tailored data acquisition solutions,” says Cara Klintworth-Watt, president of MECALC Technologies. “Their cutting-edge SigQC software and our QuantusSeries product line bring unparalleled testing solutions to tackle any challenge. Together, we’re elevating capabilities, redefining industry standards, and driving innovation.”

According to Signalysis president, Neil Coleman, the interface helps to expand the use of SigQC throughout the laboratory testing environment. “MECALC’s QuantusSeries data acquisition and control systems are used globally in applications where accuracy and the quality of signal conditioning are critical. The QuantusSeries is the most portable, flexible, and scalable system available on the market. This interface broadens our ability to test higher frequency, higher channel counts, sensor types, and adds controllable area network interfaces. While we’re naturally excited, the true beneficiaries of this collaboration are the current and future users of Signalysis and QuantusSeries,” says Coleman.


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