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OEO Energy Solutions


Replacing Metal Halide Lighting With LED Saves Thousands

Merchandiser saves 43 percent on electric bills

Published: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 14:10

(OEO: Lake Zurich, IL) -- When home-demonstration merchandiser Princess House wanted to improve lighting and decrease energy usage in its 200,000 sq ft warehouse, it turned to OEO Energy Solutions. The solution was to replace the existing 278 360W metal halides with 278 OEO EZ LED 230s. LED lighting is more energy efficient than other lighting, including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). And unlike CFLs, there are no recycling concerns. Using OEO’s simple plug-and-play LED lighting, Princess House now saves 43 percent on their electric bills.

 The challenge

• Huge energy bills
• Low light levels of 18 foot-candles (FC) with new metal halides, and as low as 9 FC with old (spaced 25 ft high and 25 ft apart)
• 15- to 20-minute delay time for startup and re-strike
• Uneven, inconsistent light quality throughout plant
• High heat temperatures from metal halides

 The solution

• 43 percent energy savings
• Improved light levels to 42 FC
• Instant on/off for a well-lit warehouse
• EZ LED is compliant with customer insurance carrier requirements
• Quick, simple installation wasn’t disruptive to the operation
• No permits needed and no recycling costs for old fixtures
• OEO coordinated utility rebate with building owner and leasing agent

“This is what I’ve been waiting for,” says Garry Young, lead maintenance technician for Princess House. He had researched many options for two years and had nearly committed to a cumbersome T5 conversion when he saw the ad for OEO. “The difference is night and day. Lighting is now bright and crisp, and gives the warehouse an even, overall lighter appearance. [We] no longer suffer from the dim areas from degradation of metal halides.”

Watch the following video to learn how easy it is to save on your company’s energy bills.


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OEO Energy Solutions

OEO Energy Solutions provides SMART facility solutions to guide decision making and planning for optimal energy use. OEO’s in-house staff and network of strategic partners include licensed energy experts in engineering, manufacturing, and contracting. Their qualifications and experience, and OEO’s patented “simple-solution” technologies allow for the design and implementation of significant, value-added energy-reduction plans.