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Electric power is replacing diesel and hydraulics in construction industry

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New Scale Robotics Demos Automated Gauging System

System can pick parts, measure with robotic calipers and gauges, record data, and place and sort parts

Published: Tuesday, October 4, 2022 - 11:00

(New Scale Robotics: Victor, NY) -- New Scale Robotics highlighted its Q-Span Automated Gauging System at IMTS this year. The Q-Span Workstation incorporates existing manual gauges and gauging techniques to automate QC inspection in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing.

A collaborative robot from Universal Robots supports ease of deployment and flexibility, while control software and tooling by New Scale Robotics delivers ease of use for metrology labs and factory floor workers. Q-Span Workstations combine measurements from a variety of gauges with robotic part handling and automated data logging. The system can pick parts, measure with robotic calipers and other gauges, record data, and place and sort parts based on real-time results.

New Scale Robotics, a division of New Scale Technologies, near Rochester, New York, has nearly 20 years of experience delivering small, precise, and smart embedded motion systems featuring miniaturization, micrometer-scale resolution, and fully integrated microelectronics with intelligent firmware. Learn more here.

New Scale Robotics Q-Span Workstation


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