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Manufacturing for Growth Conference 2023

Annual meeting in Phoenix, April 26–28

Published: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 11:00

(AMT: McLean, VA) -- The Association for Manufacturing Technology, in partnership with the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA), announces that registration has opened for the Manufacturing for Growth (MFG) 2023 Meeting. A trademark annual conference, MFG 2023 will be held April 26–28 in the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass resort in Phoenix.

“The MFG Meeting creates a unique opportunity to connect leaders who build, integrate, sell, service, and utilize manufacturing technology to make the products that move our economy,” says Douglas K. Woods, AMT president. “Certainly we’ve seen our share of volatility in the market over the last few years, and clearly there are some economic uncertainties ahead of us, but the rapid advancements of new digital technologies have afforded us the opportunity to react and leverage these tools to keep pace. Being able to share these tools and techniques with your peers at the MFG Meeting has proven invaluable to the long-term success of our manufacturing community.”

“At NTMA, our members form the heart of manufacturing—small and medium-sized manufacturers that are often family-owned or private,” says Roger Atkins, NTMA president. “By collaborating with AMT to hold the MFG Meeting this year, we ensure our members’ voices and concerns are front and center. We’ve found the challenges that face large corporations are the same ones that small and medium-sized shops are facing, from supply chain issues to integrating new digital technologies. We’re excited for our members to share what they’ve learned and expand their knowledge base as well.”


The MFG Meeting provides attendees with exclusive networking opportunities with decision makers from across the entire manufacturing spectrum—a unique and comprehensive gathering not found anywhere else. Additionally, MFG 2023 offers sessions and content on the latest forecasting news, market analyses, breakdowns of the latest technology trends, and much more. Some of this year’s topics include:
• The Warmup Show: Influencers Andrew Crowe, New American Manufacturing Renaissance, and Meaghan Ziemba, Mavens of Manufacturing, kick off the meeting with top questions being asked in manufacturing.
• Finding and retaining talent: National Institute of Metalworking Skills executive director Montez King will host a conversation with Mesa Community College on the role of strategic industry-education partnerships to develop an advanced manufacturing workforce in the context of a post-pandemic supply chain.
• Gauging the risks going forward in 2023–2024: Renowned economist Alan Beaulieu of ITR Economics provides a data-driven analysis of the trends playing out in today’s markets. He discusses risks, what to expect, how to benefit in these market conditions, and much more.
• Demographic strategies for the post-Covid era: Speaker Ken Gronbach invites attendees to join him in exploring the fascinating realm of demographics—and how demographics determines which products, services, and nations will succeed.
• Materials, methods, and the people manufacturing humanity’s future in space and below: With manufacturing’s growing focus on space travel, Ingersoll Machine Tool CEO Jeff Ahrstrom discusses the importance of materials and use cases, as well as the growth of interest in U.S. manufacturing as a career.

The MFG 2023 will tackle much more, including a fireside chat on the factory of the future, the importance of the supplier base, workforce development, and many other topics.

Additional speakers include Nick Bullen, Northrop Grumman Corp.; Tim Shinbara, AMT; and several others. Speakers and agenda items are continually added and updated on the event website.

For more information about MFG 2023, and to register, visit MFGmeeting.com.


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