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LNS Research


LNS Research Launches Industrial IoT Research Library

Access reports, case studies, and recommendations for planning an IIoT strategy

Published: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 16:00

(LNS: Cambridge, MA) LNS Research, a technology research firm focusing on the industrial space, has released its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Research Library. Comprising research-based best practices and thought leadership publications, the library’s intent is to continuously educate manufacturing, business operations, and other industrial executives on the emerging platform, technology, and standards affecting the development of the IIoT. Readers will learn how to effectively approach IIoT investments to deploy in ways that drive transformational value across business processes.

The library features an ongoing end-user survey that drills down into the current and future attitudes and investments of where manufacturing organizations see IIoT opportunities in their businesses. The results of this survey provide valuable benchmark data to executives looking to explore how an IIoT investment can drive ROI in their businesses. Additionally, executives will gain access to reports and other content that details current IIoT use cases, opportunities by market segment, and recommendations for architecting an IIoT strategy into relevant business areas.

“Based on our research and conversations across several industries, manufacturers are displaying an increased enthusiasm in exploring and investing in IIoT frameworks and capabilities within their organizations,” says Matthew Littlefield, president and principal analyst at LNS Research. “We believe the IIoT reality is catching up with the hype, and we’re excited to launch this research library as a key resource for manufacturers and producers across industries to understand the development and application of IIoT technologies today, as well as how they will revolutionize business processes tomorrow and beyond.”

Industry executives can access the IIoT Research Library and other relevant reports by clicking here. After creating a profile and taking the IIoT survey on the LNS Research website, they will gain access to the contents of the IIoT Research Library for one year. If you are a software/service provider or a media company and would like access to the research, please contact Valerie Overstreet.


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LNS Research

LNS Research provides advisory and benchmarking services to help line-of-business, IT, and industrial automation executives make critical business and operational decisions. Our research focuses on providing insights into the key business processes, metrics, and technologies adopted in industrial operations. LNS Research’s current coverage areas include: enterprise quality management software (EQMS), manufacturing operations management (MOM), asset performance management (APM), industrial automation 2.0, and sustainability.