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Leela AI Releases First Commonsense Visual AI Platform for Manufacturing

AI designed to improve productivity and processes

Published: Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 12:00

(Leela AI: Newton, MA)– Leela AI announces the commercial release of Leela Platform, the first “commonsense” visual AI solution designed to improve manufacturing productivity. Leela Platform is a visual sensor analytics platform that offers manufacturers insights into production processes that are hidden from IoT sensor analytics.

Leela Platform acts like an always-on, time-and-motion study, identifying and tracking frontline activities as people interact with tools, machines, parts, and products. The software provides insights that enable customers to identify bottlenecks and best practices and compare productivity between shifts, workstations, and locations. Customers are leveraging Leela Platform’s insights to improve capacity, speed production, and reduce waste.

“In the face of ongoing labor and supply shortages, manufacturers are seeking innovative tools to help them work smarter and increase productivity,” says Cyrus Shaoul, CEO, Leela AI Inc. “Leela Platform improves visibility into the hidden, unstructured data hiding in plain sight: the operations of the front line.”

Leela Platform excels at analyzing the actions of human operators working in complex, frequently changing manufacturing environments. The software can also generate ROI in many other industrial and logistics applications.

Leela Platform generates an intuitive, visual dashboard that reveals metrics such as cycle time, throughput, and value vs. nonvalue add time. By sharing Leela Platform’s Leela Viewer dashboard throughout the organization, companies can draw on insights from the front office to the front line. 

Facial blurring is turned on by default to protect privacy, and in this latest release, full-body blurring and an option to disable video review and storage have been added. Other recent features include the ability for customers to customize Leela Viewer labels. This is a stepping-stone toward Leela Creator, a no-code development environment that will enable much greater user customization.

Leela Platform is unique among smart manufacturing platforms due to its novel AI engine, developed at MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. By adding a symbolic/causal agent that supervises and assists a more traditional neural networks platform, the AI can comprehend cause and effect to analyze processes in context and enable deeper insights into complex, interrelated manufacturing processes. The hybrid architecture enables much faster AI training time with 100 times less data and 10 times faster time-to-value than competitive solutions.

Leela Platform has been commercially deployed at several major manufacturers, and Leela AI invites interested companies to request a no-cost evaluation. The release follows Leela AI’s recent announcement of its certified compliance with the SOC 2 Type II standard. The compliance ensures that customer data processed by Leela AI servers is protected with the highest levels of security.

To learn more about Leela AI and set up a free demonstration, visit leela.ai.


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