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Kennametal Introduces Turning Insert Grade With Advanced Coating Technology

KCP25C grade with KENGold coating sets new standard for wear and productivity in steel turning

Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 - 12:59

(Kennametal: Pittsburgh) -- Kennametal, a leader in metal-cutting tools and solutions, has introduced a higher-performance turning grade with an advanced coating technology. KCP25C with KENGold is the first choice for metal-cutting inserts and offers improved wear and higher metal removal rates for steel-turning applications.

“Our high-performance KCP25C grade inserts with KENGold coating technology set a new standard for machinists working across a variety of steel turning applications,” says Scott Etling, vice president of global product management. “This gold-standard turning insert delivers a one-two performance punch of higher metal-removal rates and improved wear resistance, meaning our customers can machine longer and with greater productivity and efficiency than before. Additionally, the insert’s gold flank makes it easy to visually identify wear, maximize edge use, and reduce waste.”

KCP25C is the first-choice carbide grade for turning inserts in general-purpose applications in a variety of steel materials and delivers consistent, repeatable performance. KENGold is a proprietary, multilayer coating technology with enhanced pre- and post-coat processes that deliver an effective thermal barrier for greater crater wear resistance, which is typically experienced in these types of machining applications.

Key features and benefits of KCP25C with KENGold:
• Greater wear resistance for more reliable, consistent tool life
• Improved toughness and reduced chipping
• Enhanced edge protection for greater machining accuracy and reliability
• Gold flank to identify wear and reduce waste from unused edges
• Increased cutting speeds for increased metal removal rates and higher productivity

KCP25C with KENGold is an example of how Kennametal’s global modernization investments enable the company to innovate higher-performing products for customers. The company uses next-generation chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology to produce the coating, while advanced pressing and surface-treatment technologies deliver tighter tolerance levels, resulting in a more consistent, reliable tool life.

Kennametal has released KCP25C with KENGold in the most common insert shapes and styles: C, D, S, T, V, and W. In the long term, the company plans to expand on KCP25C with additional turning insert shapes and styles, all featuring the KENGold coating technology.

For more information about the KENGold advanced coating technology and KCP25C grade, visit: https://www.kennametal.com/us/en/products/metalworking-tools/turning/coating-technologies/kengold.html.


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