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IMTS 2022 Pre-show News From Sunnen, Booth 237330, North Hall

Next-generation vertical honing machines deliver process control for complex, tight-tolerance parts

Published: Monday, August 29, 2022 - 11:01

(Sunnen: St. Louis, MO) -- Sunnen Products Co. advances the state of honing technology with the new SV-3000 series vertical honing systems. The SV-3000 features a new Beckhoff-based industrial control with proprietary Sunnen2 software designed to include EtherCAT industrial communication for fast response time and increased process control. Sunnen will introduce the new SV-3000 series at IMTS 2022.

The powerful control system includes a large touch screen and capacity to program custom part load/unload operations, eliminating the need for a second control for automation. Through the touch screen, operators can make simple, intuitive adjustments of spindle speed, stroke rate, and tool feed during the honing cycle. Tool selection, setup mode, handling, expansion/retraction of tools, and more are all adjusted via the touch screen. A handwheel may also be used for stroke adjustment. 

The SV-3000 series incorporates synchronized servo stroke and spindle motors that enable constant crosshatch finishes the length of the bore.  This eliminates the "flattening" of the crosshatch angle at stroke-reversal points, which is important in many cylinder wall applications where optimal piston ring sealing and performance is required. The drive technology also includes a load-sensing feed system that maximizes productivity and produces 0,00025 mm (0.000010-in.) tolerances on a wide range of small-diameter parts. 

Sunnen solicited input from global customers during the two-year design and development of the SV-3000 series. The software for these next-generation hones has been completely rewritten using the latest programming languages and technologies. All programming was done by Sunnen software engineers who understand the honing process, with no outsourcing of code. The intuitive nature of the control means new operators can be trained quickly to process complex or difficult-to-hone parts, and setup times are greatly reduced. 

In addition to an all-new exterior appearance, the latest ergonomic and safety features have been incorporated. Guarding is designed to provide access to critical areas for machine maintenance, while a rear-mounted electrical enclosure and removable side panels allow improved access to the spindle and column from all sides. A centrally mounted operator station can be easily positioned to suit the operator’s preference and/or shop-floor space.

The new SV-3000 uses OPC, a widely accepted industrial communication standard that enables the exchange of data between multi-vendor devices and control applications without any proprietary restrictions, allowing real-time remote process monitoring, an important consideration for the implementation of Industry 4.0.


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