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HORIBA and Digital Surf Launch GraphYX Software

For the correlative analysis of Raman, AFM, AFM-Raman, cathodoluminescence, and fluorescence data and microscopy images

Published: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 - 11:58

(HORIBA and Digital Surf: Palaiseau and Besançon, France) -- HORIBA Scientific, a world leader in Raman microscopy and nanoscopy, and Digital Surf, creator of the Mountains software platform for image and surface analysis in microscopy and metrology, have partnered to release GraphYX, a new software for users of HORIBA’s Raman spectroscopy solutions that comprises two product levels: GraphYX and GraphYX-3D.

GraphYX, powered by Mountains technology, is an app included in HORIBA’s LabSpec 6 software suite. It allows users to highlight features of their samples by combining multimodal images obtained from SEM, Raman, CL, AFM, NanoRaman, EDX, EBSD, FTIR, and other techniques. It will be delivered as standard on instruments such as the HORIBA AFM-Raman and NanoGPS NavYX.

GraphYX software, when combined with NanoGPS NavYX, provides a complete solution for quickly relocating points of interest and overlapping map data on the sample surface.

NanoGPS NavYX is a multimodal and multiscale solution that facilitates sample study and collaboration between researchers using different analytical tools at different locations.

Correlative analysis study on 2-D heterostructures produced and exported using GraphYX software.

KPFM-FM signal overlaid on topography using graphYX-3D software. Device: graphite gate/hBN/bilayer graphene/hBN on SiO2/Si. Sample courtesy of A. Reserbat-Plantey, ICFO, Spain.
GraphYX users will benefit from the following features:
• Co-localization tools allowing the correlative analysis of data from several sources or several datasets from the same instrument (these can be from multiple users and multiple labs)
• From a single instrument: study sample kinetics, monitor evolution over time, overlap data from more than two modalities (Raman, photocurrent, epifluorescence, darkfield, etc.), optimize palette, contrast and brightness of the various components of multivariate analysis
• From multiple instruments: correlate optical microscope images with SEM images, adjust orientation, scale, and size of images generated by SEM, AFM, and optical microscopes
• Quick enhancement and correction of images and chemical maps
• Interactive document layout and workflow, allowing users to track and modify each individual analysis step at any time
• Compatible with multiple types of HORIBA analyzers
• Combine GraphYX with NanoGPS NavYX to quickly relocate points of interest and overlapping map areas on samples
• GraphYX-3D adds 3-D topographic image rendering for techniques such as AFM and AFM-Raman.
“GraphYX opens up a new world of possibilities for users of HORIBA’s leading analytical solutions. Its compatibility with a wide range of instrument technologies makes it truly unique and will make life easier for our customers working in fields ranging from automotive to semiconductor manufacturing and materials research,” said Laurent Fullana, president of HORIBA France.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with HORIBA, a company highly regarded for its expertise in Raman spectroscopy. GraphYX brings Mountains’ powerful range of analytical tools for microscopy data analysis to those working with data from multiple sources, increasing research productivity and driving innovation even further,” said Christophe Mignot, CEO of Digital Surf.

Jobin Yvon, part of HORIBA Scientific, offers 200 years of experience in developing high-performance scientific instruments and analytical solutions for life sciences, material sciences, water, energy, and many other applications.

About Horiba

HORIBA Scientific manufactures and sells automotive emission measurement systems, environmental measuring instruments, a wide range of scientific and medical diagnostic analyzers, and measuring equipment used in the semiconductor industry. HORIBA also manufactures and markets peripheral measuring and analysis devices, and equips laboratories with measuring and analytical equipment for R&D, production, and other applications.


About Digital Surf

Digital Surf is the editor of Mountains surface metrology and image analysis software for profilers and microscopes integrated by leading instrument manufacturers worldwide.


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