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Hexagon Releases Latest Version of HxGN EAM Asset Management

Expands on Asset Performance Management module with root cause analysis features

Published: Thursday, December 22, 2022 - 13:00

(Hexagon: Huntsville, AL) -- Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division announced the release of HxGN EAM v12, the latest version of the best-in-class, SaaS-based Enterprise Asset Management product. This is EAM’s second major release since it was acquired by Hexagon in October 2021.

HxGN EAM v12 features expanded functionality in all areas of the product. It offers further expansion of the Asset Performance Management (APM) module with root cause analysis (RCA) features, enables calculation and visualization of asset investment planning (AIP) with EcoSys, and adds increased capability to HxGN EAM Digital Work mobile.

“We’re confident that this new version of HxGN EAM will drastically reduce the impact of failure events,” says Peter Bynarowicz, product manager of Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division. “Our new RCA system allows customers to analyze incidents, diagnose equipment failures, and apply findings to equipment RCM models for future prevention. It’s one of the first holistic, embedded RCA systems available on the market.”

The AIP improvements are also at the core of v12’s value. A graphical interface is now available and enables powerful visualization of where money is being spent and where investments should be focused in the future. The new Constraint Optimizer engine also calculates the required funding reach the desired conditions for selected assets.

Users can view investment planning results within EcoSys for comparison of multiple investment scenarios. These AIP improvements ensure critical assets have adequate funding to meet Level of Service and State of Good Repair requirements and gain long-term views of capital investment plans.

The latest version adds several components to the Digital Work mobile platform, allowing utilization of custom tabs to access external links configured within different records. Capture calibration readings with increased control over the precision of the measurement and you can record and perform RCA cases directly from mobile devices.

“Our cloud-first mentality was absolutely key to developing and delivering HxGN EAM v12. We have a patented, cloud-based solver that adds a lot of intelligence to our product and delivers immense value to our customers,” Bynarowicz says. “HxGN EAM v12 includes more than 150 enhancements. Not many products in the field are including that many improvements that quickly and doing it in a nondisruptive way. We’re really proud of this solution and feel confident it will fulfill the needs of current and future customers.”


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