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Penguin Random House


Fix It: Getting Accountability Right

From the authors of The Oz Principle

Published: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 10:49

(Penguin Random House: New York) -- One factor, more than any other, causes the problems business leaders fear most. Lackluster performance, sinking profits, and unmet stockholder expectations all stem from one source: a massive decline in employee engagement. Rather than blaming employees themselves for the decline, however, the Workplace Accountability Study reveals how to fix it: the secret lies with those who lead and manage our organizations. To inspire employees to be fully engaged, men­tally and emotionally, in their work, leaders must first and foremost fix accountability—in themselves, their teams, and the entire enterprise.

But how? To answer that question, Roger Connors and Tom Smith—cofounders of Partners In Leadership, the Accountability Training and Culture Change Company, and the authors of the New York Times bestseller The Oz Principle, the definitive bible on workplace accountability—have joined forces with three expert field practitioners. The resulting book—Fix It: Getting Accountability Right—not only presents eye-opening insights drawn from the authors’ three year, first-of-its-kind Workplace Accountability Study, it also offers 240 proven solutions advanced by 120 successful leaders interviewed exclusively for this book. Their combined wisdom can help you solve every conceivable accountability problem, whenever and wherever it pops up.

Since one size does not fit all in today’s challenging business environment, this official sequel to The Oz Principle provides an innovative, self-directed journey into accountability that enables you to tailor solutions to your own unique situation. Fix It tackles the 16 Accountability Traits consistently found in highly accountable, effective people, teams, and organizations, and it guides you to the ones you need to fix right now.

 You will design your personally tailored path through the book:
1. In Part 1, you create your Fix It Bucket List by taking the three-minute Fix It Assessment.
2. In Part 2, you spend fifteen minutes reading about the Accountability Trait in question.
3. In Part 3, you explore several tried-and-true solutions that will work for you, your team, or your entire organization.

Fix It is destined to become an indispensable leadership and management resource for resolving any pressing problem in your organization. Whatever you need, from more accountability and ownership to greater engagement and leadership, this book will help you get the results you need. For more information, visit: www.fixit-book.com


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