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E-con Systems’ Multi-Camera Solution for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin

Based on Sony STARVIS IMX485

Published: Thursday, July 21, 2022 - 12:00

(E-con Systems: San Jose, CA, and Chennai, India) -- E-con Systems, a leading embedded OEM camera company and an NVIDIA Elite Partner, has launched the e-CAM82_CUOAGX—a 4K, ultralow-light camera powered by the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin system-on-a-module and based on the Sony STARVIS IMX485 sensor. The product will be officially launched at Embedded World 2022, to be held at the Exhibition Center in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 21 to 23.

This large sensor camera (1/1.2-in.) can be readily integrated with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin and is designed to address the rising processing needs of AI-based embedded vision applications such as autonomous mobile robots and agricultural vehicles. This large sensor size will also enable e-CAM82_CUOAGX to capture high-resolution images with more detail and clarity.

In addition, this low-light camera houses the Sony STARVIS IMX485 sensor with a large pixel size of 2.9µm (H) x 2.9µm (V), which is double the size of most 4K sensors available in the market today. This, in turn, will ensure high sensitivity even in absolute darkness. 

e-CAM82_CUOAGX is a multi-camera solution that can connect up to six cameras to have an extended field of view for building 360-degree surround-view systems. Further, e-con Systems will support any customization required on NVIDIA Isaac ROS to reduce the camera integration efforts for robotic vision systems.

“NVIDIA Jetson platforms are powerful AI computers for energy-efficient autonomous machines,” says Gomathi Sankar, e-con Systems senior product manager. Being an elite camera ecosystem partner of NVIDIA, e-con Systems designs and manufactures numerous Jetson-based vision solutions to help machines see the world with high-quality cameras.

“e-CAM82_CUOAGX is a Sony STARVIS IMX485-based ultra-low light 4K camera solution specially designed for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin. This large sensor camera and the AGX Orin development kit are the ideal combo for edge AI-enabled systems like autonomous machines and Intelligent Transport Systems.”

“NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin complements e-con’s multi-camera solutions to deliver high-quality, 4K vision-based applications for autonomous machines,” says Durga Peddireddy, Jetson partner ecosystem and camera solutions lead at NVIDIA. “This multi-camera offering also supports the widely adopted GMSL interface that extends connectivity for areas such as industrial robotics.”

e-CAM82_CUOAGX, in combination with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin (the latest system-on-a- module from NVIDIA with eight times the performance of its previous generation) offers a maximum performance of 275 TOPS. The high-resolution camera is capable of streaming full HD at 90fps and 4K UHD @ 72fps.

Key features and benefits of e-CAM82_CUOAGX:
• Ultra-low-light camera: housing the Sony STARVIS IMX485 camera and having a sensor with a large optical format and pixel size, e-CAM82_CUOAGX is ideal for low-light applications
• Readily integrated with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin: makes the camera suitable for applications that need heavy processing
• 4K resolution: enables e-CAM82_CUOAGX to capture more details and a large field of view
• Large sensor and pixel size: helps to collect more details of the scene with superior clarity, even in absolute darkness

These key features make e-CAM82_CUOAGX suitable for applications such as:
• Autonomous mobile robots such as service robots, warehouse robots, delivery robots, etc.
• Autonomous tractors and other agricultural vehicles
• People detection and crowd analytics systems
• Telehealth devices

Have a look at the introduction video of e-CAM82_CUOAGX to learn more about the features and applications of the camera.

To help the developers of camera-based embedded devices that use Jetson AGX Orin, e-con Systems is extending the support for all its camera modules to this future-ready processor. This means all of e-con’s camera solutions—spanning global shutter, IP67 rated cameras, 2 MP to 18MP resolution, GMSL2 cameras, multi-camera solutions, 3D time of flight and stereo cameras, etc.—can now be readily evaluated with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin.

Customers interested in evaluating e-CAM82_CUOAGX—the Sony STARVIS IMX485-based 4K ultra-low-light camera—can purchase the product from e-con Systems’ online store. You can also learn more about e-CAM82_CUOAGX by visiting the product page. For other cameras supporting the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, please visit the Jetson Orin camera hub page.

With a proper understanding of customers’ pain points, e-con Systems also offers customization services that reduce efforts on prototyping, product integration, and product deployment. Please write to camerasolutions@e-consystems.com for any customization or integration support.


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