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DFRobot Gravity Sensors Enhance Underwater Data Collection

Enabling scientists to better monitor and analyze changes in space-replicating habitat

Published: Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 12:00

(DFRobot: Shanghai) -- DFRobot, a global leader in open-source hardware and advanced sensor technology, played a critical role in enhancing underwater data collection for the SAGA Underwater Habitat (UHAB). Developed by SAGA Space Architects, pioneers in human-centric space environments, the UHAB is an exceptional underwater habitat that faithfully replicates a space mission and provides unparalleled research opportunities. Recently, SAGA successfully concluded a 48-hour mission with an aquanaut residing in the UHAB at a depth of 7 meters. The aquanaut has now safely returned to the Earth’s surface.

SAGA constructed the UHAB to simulate the challenging conditions of a space mission and provide an authentic space-like experience. Studying the physical and psychological environment of water helps address issues such as oxygen deprivation, isolation, pressure differentials, and confinement. DFRobot’s gravity sensors are used to ensure the well-being of the aquanaut living in the UHAB. These sensors accurately measure environmental factors underwater, including CO2, CO, O2, air pressure, air quality, temperature, and humidity. They enable scientists to monitor and analyze changes in the underwater environment with precision, maintaining a healthy atmosphere for the aquanaut.

DFRobot’s gravity sensors also seamlessly integrate with the UHAB’s infrastructure, providing a user-friendly interface and robust compatibility. They can be easily deployed and monitored from the habitat’s control center, enabling real-time adjustments and data interpretation. Scientists now have access to high-quality data without the need for laborious manual sampling, allowing them to focus on scientific analysis and gaining new insights.

DFRobot’s gravity sensors enhance data collection in SAGA’s Underwater Habitat (UHAB).

“With DFRobot, SAGA was able to monitor sensors in the UHAB, checking crucial factors such as temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2, O2, etc. These factors and sensors have had a huge impact on the building of the habitat itself while also ensuring the safety of Sebastian (one of SAGA’s founders) staying in the habitat and contributing to extended research and experience about the climate of the habitat. For this reason, DFRobot has contributed a big part of the habitat,” says a SAGA representative in its general statement.

“We are immensely proud to be part of the (UHAB) project. This venture aims to replicate the conditions of a space mission, offering invaluable insights for future space exploration by conducting research and living in an underwater habitat. Throughout the mission, SAGA has accumulated a wealth of invaluable data, including habitat performance and indoor climate information, as well as biometric data that unlocks remarkable possibilities for marine biology and oceanographic research. The societal impact of this endeavor is truly remarkable, and we are honored to have contributed to pushing the boundaries of human exploration and scientific discovery,” says Ricky Ye, DFRobot’s CEO.


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