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Datanomix and Hexagon Bring Real-Time Factory Analytics to Manufacturers Worldwide

Datanomix chosen for its No Operator Input approach to production monitoring and out-of-the-box data automation

Published: Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 12:59

(Datanomix: Nashua, NH) -- Datanomix, maker of the industry’s only automated production intelligence software platform, announced a partnership with Hexagon to offer the Datanomix software solution to its global manufacturing customers. Datanomix is well known for its industry-changing “No Operator Input” approach to production monitoring, which removes the common challenges and complexities companies face when deploying production monitoring solutions. Precision manufacturers who are looking to improve production efficiency, increase utilization, optimize cycle times, and increase part margins will benefit from the automated reports and insights that Datanomix provides.

The Datanomix platform delivers industry-leading innovation for manufacturers who have been let down by the complexity and lack of insight from prior generation monitoring systems. Simply by connecting directly to manufacturing equipment, Datanomix provides automated benchmarks, production performance, and real-time and over-time insights that drive morning gemba walks, shop floor problem solving, and continuous improvement initiatives. All of this is done through its unique No Operator Input approach, which eliminates the need for data entry or data crunching of any kind.

Through the new partnership, Hexagon’s customers will be able to access the Datanomix solution more easily. The two companies will also begin a journey of joint development and integration of new data sources to larger segments of manufacturing processes, enabling business leaders to zero in on untapped layers of efficiency in their operations.

“It is an honor to be selected by a manufacturing technology powerhouse to offer its customers our production monitoring software,” says John Joseph, co-founder and CEO of Datanomix.“The highly respected Hexagon brand is present in nearly every manufacturing facility we visit and represented by a salesforce that has decades of trusted technology deployment experience. Equally important is the adjacency of various Hexagon data sources that will provide new digital fuel to build a larger picture of real-time production KPIs for our customers. Automating production intelligence is a comprehensive vision we have that starts with productivity and expands to other critical dimensions around the machine, parts, tools, and quality, among others.”

As part of its reseller enablement program, Datanomix will train Hexagon’s customer-facing teams on selling, installing, and supporting its offerings. Hexagon will offer the Datanomix solution directly to its customers as an integrated component of its production software portfolio.

“After evaluating a cross section of machine monitoring products on the market and then seeing the Datanomix software in action, we quickly realized that their approach to automated production intelligence—benchmarking of production KPIs, autonomous reporting, and continuous improvement guidance—clearly sets them apart from simple monitoring products,” says Chuck Mathews, general manager of production software for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “The No Operator Input approach they’ve taken is what the industry has been waiting for in this space. Our salesforce is excited to bring this new technology to our customers, and the Datanomix platform is a natural fit for Hexagon’s data integration strategy.”

“The alignment between Hexagon’s vision for autonomous manufacturing and the Datanomix vision for simple, automated production insights made this partnership very compelling for us,” says Greg McHale, co-founder and CTO of Datanomix. “Manufacturers are looking for digital leverage in everything they do—more insight, more value, and more productivity without the headaches of data crunching and complicated workflows. This relationship allows us to bring that capability to broader audiences that are hungry for insights and tired of the old way of doing things.”

Hexagon will offer the Datanomix solution to its North American and European customers as part of its comprehensive solutions for machine shops in 2023. The companies plan to make announcements about additional technology integrations subsequent to their launch.


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