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InnovMetric Software


InnovMetric Announces PolyWorks Conference USA 2016

March 30-31, 2016, in Novi, MI

Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 17:07

(InnovMetric: Quebec, QC, Canada) -- InnovMetric Software, a leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions, will hold the 2016 Annual PolyWorks Conference USA from March 30–31, 2016, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. At this year’s conference, metrology professionals from across North America will discover the future of 3D metrology with PolyWorks 2016 and learn about innovative ways to maximize the benefits of 3D measurement technologies for their engineering and manufacturing processes.

“This conference marks a major milestone—not only for InnovMetric but also for metrology experts worldwide,” says Marc Soucy, president of InnovMetric. “We will unveil the most significant version of PolyWorks in the history of our company, and set a new standard for 3D metrology that the manufacturing industry as a whole will benefit from.”

PolyWorks Conference USA|2016 will feature:
• The launch of PolyWorks 2016 by Marc Soucy, Ph.D., president of InnovMetric, and the product management team
• Multiple technical sessions presented by PolyWorks application specialists to help metrology professionals improve their 3D measurement and inspection processes
• The ever-popular Doctor’s Office, where conference attendees book one-on-one appointments with PolyWorks application specialists to tackle specific measurement challenges and learn how to optimize their use of PolyWorks tools
• Guest speakers who will present compelling case studies on how their organization has achieved impressive gains in their 3D measurement workflows
• InnovMetric’s hardware partners, which will showcase their latest 3D digitizing devices and demonstrate how they interface with PolyWorks
• Activities for networking with industry peers

For more information, visit PolyWorks Conference USA|2016. Media and metrology professionals are invited to register here for the conference.


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InnovMetric Software

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Quebec, QC, Canada, with subsidiaries worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. is the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions. The world’s largest industrial manufacturing organizations (Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen, Honda, BWM, Daimler, Ford, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Apple, and many more) trust InnovMetric’s PolyWorks software and associated technical services to maximize the benefits of 3D measurement technologies for their engineering and manufacturing applications. Including its subsidiaries and joint ventures, InnovMetric Software has more than 250 employees across 10 countries: Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, France, Benelux, India, Thailand, China, and Japan.