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Introducing solutions to improve production performance
High-performance model extends vision capability
10-year technology partnership includes sponsorship of quality control lab
Research commissioned by the Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group with Eurostep and leading PLM providers
MM series features improved functionality and usability
Features improved accuracy, resolution, versatility, and efficiency
Meeting new package configuration trends
New report rethinks hydroelectric solutions
Adding its new SV series to NASCAR’s all-time leader in wins

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Mike Richman


Inside Quality Digest Live for April 20, 2018

A pair of great guests and thought-provoking news items

Published: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 09:26

On the Apr. 20 episode of QDL, we brought you interviews on manufacturing’s digital transformation and the primacy of photogrammetry for large-volume, close-tolerance metrology, plus news about logistical efficiencies and worker motivations (or lack thereof). Here’s a closer look at the show:

 “Last-Mile Delivery Models to Revolutionize the Space of Urban Logistics by 2025

A new report from Frost & Sullivan, “Urban Logistics Opportunities—Last-Mile Innovation,” finds that global logistics spending is expected to reach $10.6 trillion in 2020. Cloud computing, data analytics, and crowdsourcing platforms will be the primary drivers of these growth opportunities.

Three Reasons Quality Professionals Must Be Part of Manufacturing’s Digital Transformation

In this interview with Frank Defesche of Veeva QualityOne, we discussed why new skills are required to handle the emerging technological demands of industry. Success for individuals and organizations will mean rapidly adapting to changing realities.

Number of U.S. Employees Going Above and Beyond at Work at All-Time Low

Research company CEB (now part of Gartner) reveal that workers are less interested in giving their all to their employers than in the past. Flat compensation and lagging recognition are factors, but a growing consciousness of the importance of work-life balance is key, as well.

“CMS Corner: Russell Morrison”

In this, our monthly check-in with the members of the Coordinate Metrology Society, we chat with Russell Morrison, senior product specialist at Geodetic Systems Inc. Morrison tells us about his view of the industry, interesting projects he’s worked on, and what to expect at CMSC 2018 this summer in Reno.

You can check out our next episode of Quality Digest Live on Friday, March 30, either via our home page or our special player page. See you then!


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