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VALIDATE 2023 Convenes in Miami, Oct. 4–5, 2023

Showcasing the latest in digital transformation for validation professionals in life sciences

Published: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - 11:00

(Kneat: Limerick, Ireland) -- Kneat, a leader in digitizing and automating validation and quality processes, is bringing together quality professionals from around the world to discover and apply validation technologies, regulations, and best practices. Participants from across the industry will present, including practitioners from Merck, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, and Fujirebio Diagnostics.

This year’s conference theme, Digitization and Change, is inspired by the Validation 4.0 initiative and challenge of guiding organizations through validation’s inevitable transition to a digital future. Multiple expert-led conference sessions will offer insights into validation, technology, and best practices, and explore:
• Integrating digital validation with other key systems to drive value
• Verification of true copies
• Audit readiness in the digital environment
• Organization change management
• Gaining buy-in and user adoption
• User impact assessments and why they are critical to change management

Makers of life-saving and life-enhancing therapies cannot fully leverage and scale the innovations that are becoming available without transitioning fully to digital,” says Eddie Ryan, CEO of Kneat. “This means the entire quality assurance fabric underlying development, production, and distribution needs to be fully digitized along with everything else. The people coming to VALIDATE know that scanning in paper documents doesn’t solve it, and they are leading the way for their organizations to validation that is efficient, hardened, and easily auditable.”

VALIDATE 2023, to be held in Miami, Oct. 4–5, is designed for life sciences professionals looking to understand and apply the technologies, metrics, and operational strategy required to drive effective digitalization. At the inaugural VALIDATE conference in Boston in November 2022, 100% of respondents to an attendee survey said they would recommend VALIDATE to their colleagues.

Register for VALIDATE 2023 at www.validateconference.com.



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