Our Return to Work Initiative: Respond, Return, and Reimagine

Intelex combines software and SAFER guidelines to build a solid work foundation

Farhana Ahmad

July 15, 2020

When Intelex developed its return-to-work program, we decided the best approach would be a phased one. Similar to the concept of continuous deployment, breaking down the plan to allow individuals to quickly process, adapt, and execute practices and procedures makes it more manageable for employers and employees alike.

To summarize each phase and their objectives:
1. Respond: involves the immediate steps taken during the initial outbreak
2. Return: introduces short-term changes implemented to address all the newly discovered issues
3. Reimagine: implements long-term policies, procedures, and best practices to create an agile and resilient workforce

Our role in the Safe Actions for Employee Returns (SAFER) initiative

On top of our internal developments, we’ve joined the National Safety Council’s Safe Actions for Employee Returns (SAFER) initiative. With the aim of delivering a framework designed to ensure an effective and seamless transition back to the workplace, we have joined the ranks of more than 100 experts across 50 leading organizations.

This framework, which is broken down into key categories, has been created with the aim of providing organizations with a foundation with which to build their new policies and procedures. Key categories of this framework are:

How our software solutions can help you adopt the SAFER framework

Now let’s take a look at a couple of examples of how our reimagine-focused application set can help you champion the SAFER framework. (Use two to three of these, not all of them. Have a call to action: “To learn more about all of our solutions that can help you adopt the SAFER framework, click here.”)

Looking ahead

The combined effect of the expertise of the member organizations on the SAFER team with the technical agility of our application set can provide you with all the tools you need to prepare for the reimagine phase.

While further changes are expected to happen in the months that follow, we’re confident that we are more than ready to adapt to them.

To access our “Reimagine the New Workplace: A Roadmap to Using Intelex to Support Safe Return to Work” framework, click here.

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