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Accreditation and ISO 9001 aligns with hospital’s strategy to help reduce patient readmissions
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Burnout rates exceed 50 percent for many fields of medicine
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And how it relates to four critical concerns
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The program attempts to ensure absolute confidence in medical-device certification, but at too great a cost

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The FDA’s RMAT designation goes live
New company will focus on technologies for the management and automation of vital clinical processes
Marking and cutting lasers used in manufacturing endoscopic devices and catheters
Technique provides about a sixfold improvement over regular microscopes
Awards help states implement multiyear produce-safety systems
How a hospital restored quality patient care and obtained financial stability using lean
A strategic guide to implementing lean for hospital leaders

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Mike Richman

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Inside Quality Digest Live for April 14, 2017

STEM education, e-skin, and 10 tips to last a lifetime

Published: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 11:00

On our most recent episode of QDL from this past Fri., April 14, 2017, we took a close look at innovation and engineering. Here’s a quick recap:

“SAE Institute Creates Webisodes to Benefit STEM Education”

This piece demonstrates the good work that the San Jose, California, campus of the SAE Institute is doing to introduce female middle school students to the possibilities of engineering careers.

“E-Skin Ushers in the Next Era of Smart Technologies”

Frost & Sullivan reports on the latest wearable device: E-skin. Creepy yet cool.

CMSC Corner

In this, the latest installment of our monthly CMSC Corner feature, we were joined by Daniel S. Sawyer, the group leader of the Dimensional Metrology Group at NIST, and also a liaison to white-paper presenters at CMSC 2017.

“Ten Hard Skills to Learn That Will Last a Lifetime”

True-life lessons are hard to find, but this piece by LaRae Quy really gave Dirk something to think about.

Off-Script: Is customer service dead in the airline industry?

Here, I asked Dirk for his off-the-cuff insights into what the airlines can do to rehabilitate their image in light of United’s latest customer service fiasco. You couldn’t drag us away from this conversation!

We’ll be back on Fri., April 21, 2017, with another episode of Quality Digest Live. You can watch us either on our home page or our dedicated player page. See you there!


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