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Sparta Systems Inc.

FDA Compliance

Three Suggestions for Overcoming Supply Quality Challenges

Stave off regulatory pressures and avoid brand damage

Published: Monday, October 18, 2010 - 12:58

(Sparta Systems: Holmdel, NJ) -- Despite making strides in improving quality across the supply chain, companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food and beverage industries still face innumerable challenges in ensuring and maintaining supply quality. To address these challenges, Sparta Systems Inc., a provider of enterprise quality and compliance management solutions, recently outlined three key recommendations for companies seeking to improve supplier quality management while maintaining operational efficiency and profitability.

These three suggestions, when correctly heeded and implemented using a quality management software solution, can help organizations in regulated markets stave off regulatory pressures and avoid the brand damage that has dominated industry headlines in recent months.

Find suppliers you trust and keep them accountable. As companies forge relationships with their suppliers, a sense of trust develops that enables both companies to benefit from a mutually beneficial partnership. However, this sense of trust can also make it easy for issues related to supply quality to fall through the cracks. By keeping suppliers accountable for quality via consistent, comprehensive audit management, companies can identify nonconformances and other issues before they affect the finished product, resulting in a lasting relationship that benefits both parties.

Determine the right level of risk and prioritize accordingly. How much does the quality of the materials you’re receiving from a given supplier affect the quality of the products you make? How much damage would a defect in that material do to your brand if it ever made it into the finished product? Companies need to prioritize their monitoring of suppliers based on the level of risk they pose to products so that potential quality issues are monitored, identified, and eliminated before they negatively affect brand image.

Let technology help. How much of your supplier quality is managed through your quality management software? Do you have the right processes built into your quality system to ensure materials from your suppliers are up to specification? Leveraging a quality management software system to qualify, select, and monitor suppliers and supply-chain partners can help organizations stay on top of their supply quality processes, ultimately streamlining efficiency and improving product quality.  

“Supplier quality remains one of the most significant issues companies face in ensuring products are manufactured and delivered to market with expediency and safety,” says Tim Mohn, industry principal at Sparta Systems. “By taking these recommendations to heart, companies across multiple industries can effectively reduce risk, improve compliance, and avoid the brand liabilities that can negatively impact business growth.”

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