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Take the Free Food-Safety Assessment for GFSI Certification

New tool from NSF International helps food companies prepare for compliance to global standards

Published: Monday, November 8, 2010 - 15:13

(NSF: Ann Arbor, MI) -- NSF International, a provider of global food safety certifications, has launched an online tool to help food companies assess their readiness for certification to standards benchmarked to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). NSF International offers a free, 21-question online assessment tool to help companies evaluate their facilities’ readiness for compliance.

Certification to global food safety standards gives organizations independent certification that a product, process, or service complies with international, regulatory, and retailer requirements. Many of the leading global retail and food service companies now require suppliers to comply with international food safety standards through independent, third-party inspection. GFSI-benchmarked food safety standards include Safe Quality Food (SQF), British Retail Consortium (BRC), GlobalGAP, Food Safety System Certification (FSSC), and International Food Standard (IFS), among others.

The 10-minute assessment tool covers the core elements of globally recognized food-safety standards. Participants receive a customized report upon completion. The report determines their readiness for certification on a scale of 100 and identifies specific areas that must be addressed to successfully achieve certification.

“This new tool provides a snapshot of a company’s current food safety system and identifies where resources need to be allocated to bring its facilities into compliance with globally recognized food safety standards,” says Robert Prevendar, director of global food safety certification for NSF International.

Throughout the survey, NSF International provides useful tips and information about global standards to help companies properly answer each question. To take the free assessment survey, click here.

Visit NSF’s website for additional information on certification to global food safety standards.


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NSF International

Manufacturers, regulators, and consumers look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment. NSF’s mission is to protect and improve global human health. As an independent, accredited organization, its standards group facilitates the development of standards, and its service groups test and certify products and systems. NSF also provide auditing and risk management solutions for public health and the environment.