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Pilgrim Quality Solutions

FDA Compliance

SmartSolve’s Update Includes New SmartStudio Platform

Pilgrim Software releases v. 9 of its integrated process automation platform

Published: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 14:24

(Pilgrim Software Inc.: Tampa, FL) --  Pilgrim Software Inc., a  global provider of enterprise risk, compliance, and quality management (ERCQM) software solutions, has announced the availability of SmartSolve 9, the latest and most enhanced version of its integrated process automation platform.

The latest version of SmartSolve contains a diverse set of enhancements to help meet users’ operational needs and compliance requirements, and a new user interface for improved usability. The release also launches SmartStudio, Pilgrim’s new technology that allows organizations to easily configure new compliance-centric business applications.

The evolution of SmartSolve 9 includes enhanced capabilities supporting audits, complaints, document control, and training management. These core Pilgrim solutions give users more control in managing their compliance and quality process experiences. Pilgrim’s Audit Management solution now features enhanced audit scheduling and reporting, and audit trail tracking. Complaints Management includes a new option to better track user updates made to complaint records. Document Management offers a new collaborative review capability. The Training module enhances capabilities for managing requirement-revision certification and role-specific certification.

SmartSolve’s user interface enhancements include a new approach to Online Help to streamline knowledge of SmartSolve to each end-user, bringing advanced searching capabilities to the Portal Dashboard, and an easy-to-tailor Portal Dashboard for customers to create their own specific dashboards to meet their needs for visibility of their data and workflow.

Pilgrim’s Business Intelligence tools, SmartPulse and SmartInsight, also have been enhanced. These tools now feature comprehensive advanced dashboards and more efficient reporting capabilities. These tools, and the overall updated version of SmartSolve, feature improved user interface aesthetics for increased readability and task recognition, further supporting the user experience and productivity.

“Pilgrim is always looking to enhance its solution and user experience for its customers, including keeping up with the latest technology,” says Atulya Risal, Pilgrim’s chief technology officer. “The new features and enhancements in SmartSolve 9 allow customers to expedite their business processes while remaining fully compliant with industry regulations and manufacturing the highest quality products.”

In version 9, Pilgrim has further expanded its designer tools to extend the out-of-the-box applications, providing even more flexibility in meeting an organization’s or industry’s specific needs. The Entity Designer, combined with Form Designer, gives users the ability to extend the SmartSolve data model by easily adding more fields via a graphical interface, and to use the updated data model with the built-in or new forms. The Workflow Designer, with dynamic workflow configuration capabilities, allows customers to extend various workflow business processes for Pilgrim’s current applications, while providing the ability to monitor workflow progress and history throughout the process life cycle. These new capabilities reduce enhancement costs and speed implementation by providing even more flexibility in tailoring a customer’s SmartSolve application.

With the release of version 9, Pilgrim also introduces SmartStudio, its new business application configuration solution. The SmartStudio platform takes away the complexity and logic of the information-technology and database administrator (DBA) roles in designing and building new compliance-centric business applications, makes it “transparent,” and puts it into the hands of a business analysts to easily and quickly produce individualized forms and workflow processes for their own organizations.

SmartStudio’s graphical user-interface allows an organization to design all the necessary components and quickly produce and verify the application while raising the visibility of all the collected data for immediate real-time reporting. This new platform foundation is an evolution in business process design going beyond traditional toolkits and process modelers to focus on business by bringing all the power of compliance-centric application creation into a single powerful platform.

“We recognize that every company’s needs differ based on industry regulations, organizational requirements, or product specifications,” says Risal. “Users need quick and easy tools to enhance their risk, compliance, and quality applications to meet their end-users’ needs. As such, this platform update includes technology that allows our customers to create an unlimited number of risk and compliance-centric applications within a single, centralized platform.”

For more information, visit www.pilgrimsoftware.com.



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