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Veriteq Instruments Inc.

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FDA Compliance

Product News: viewLinc 3.4 Environmental Monitoring

Veriteq Instruments viewLinc 3.4 provides continuous, gap-free records, and automates report generation and delivery.

Published: Monday, July 27, 2009 - 13:55

(Veriteq: Vancouver, BC, Canada) -- Veriteq Instruments recently announced the release of their new viewLinc monitoring and alarming system for regulated controlled environments. The viewLinc 3.4 validatable system provides continuous, gap-free records and automates the generation and delivery of reports.

While reporting is an essential part of any monitoring system, it shouldn't be a burden on the user—especially when critical environments are subject to audit. The viewLinc system generates and delivers reports automatically, eliminating the need to manually create reports in an effort to keep up with required documentation. Reports include alarm history, channel data and statistics, and all interactions with the system.

The new viewLinc provides other labor-saving benefits. Used with any popular Internet browser, it is easy to distribute viewLinc’s monitoring capability anywhere in the world. Also, once validated on a host server, viewLinc administrators can easily add more users and other facilities to the same system without having to validate each remote PC.

viewLinc is a secure system that installs using a facility’s existing infrastructure, reducing the need and cost of outsourced IT services. Customers can deploy Veriteq’s high-accuracy data loggers on their ethernet wired, Power over Ethernet or WiFi network.

The viewLinc system creates fail-safe records for monitoring temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, light, door switches, and other variables. viewLinc ensures against lost data with three storage methods—independently in each data logger, in the host PC, and with back-up file transfers.

Providing the ability for immediate response to potential problems, viewLinc manages alarm alerts with text and email to PC, cell-phone, and pager. It can also annunciate alarms through dial-out, lights, and buzzers.

Highly secure and audit-trail capable, the viewLinc system is designed to meet the compliance and certification guidelines of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 CBER, JHACO, AATB, AABB, and other regulatory bodies.

Veriteq’s viewLinc system is available from its worldwide network of direct sales and independent distributors.
For more information, please call 800-683-8374 or email a Veriteq representative at customersupport@veriteq.com or visit us at www.veriteq.com.  




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Veriteq Instruments Inc.’s default image

Veriteq Instruments Inc.

Veriteq Instruments Inc. provides accurate environmental monitoring, alarming, and validation solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, medical, aerospace/defense, and calibration industries.