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Product News: Software for Pipette Operator Performance Monitoring

Lab managers can enhance quality control with ARTEL Pipette Tracker.

Published: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - 11:47

(ARTEL: Chicago) -- ARTEL, the global leader in liquid handling quality assurance, announces that its Pipette Tracker software can now be used as an effective laboratory management tool to track and monitor pipette operator performance. When used in combination with the ARTEL Pipette Calibration System (PCS), the software enables lab managers to implement effective training programs as part of a comprehensive quality control system.

Operator pipetting technique competence is a critical laboratory function that significantly contributes to overall data quality. Pipette Tracker helps lab managers monitor operator pipetting performance patterns over time by generating trend analysis reports that track the performance of individual operators. The software also can be programmed to facilitate scheduling of corrective technique training to address problem areas located by the tracking software.

Pipette Tracker is used with the PCS to integrate operator performance monitoring and pipetting technique training into a laboratory’s quality control system. The PCS automatically measures and documents the accuracy and precision of volumes dispensed from single-channel pipettes. Portable and robust, the PCS can be used on the bench to calibrate pipettes in minutes. By offering immediate display of volumetric results, the PCS offers operators near automatic feedback on their liquid delivery performance.

The immediacy of feedback makes the PCS a useful tool to train operators on proper pipetting technique. The instrument helps demonstrate how minimal changes in technique can have significant influence on the accuracy and precision of pipetted volumes. The immediacy of feedback also allows operators to perform a quick checkup on their technique before a critical test or assay.

“Quality is a perennial concern for lab managers and operator pipetting technique is one area where effective training programs can have a strong positive influence on data outcomes,” says Kirby Pilcher, ARTEL's president. “Our Pipette Tracker software is a powerful tool for monitoring operator performance and integrating pipette technique training into a lab’s quality assurance system.”

The Pipette Tracker software is tightly integrated into the PCS and generates the necessary reports to remain in regulatory compliance. The system meets GLP, CLSI, and ISO 9001 requirements and can demonstrate a complete audit trail and electronic signature.

For more information, visit www.artel-usa.com.  



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Artel is the worldwide leader in liquid handling quality assurance. Artel manufactures the most accurate, precise and easy-to-use systems for ensuring data integrity in any process requiring liquid volume measurement. Artel systems, based on proprietary ratiometric photometry, conform to ISO 8655-7 and provide results traceable to national and international standards to ensure reproducible data and regulatory compliance. In addition, Artel provides liquid handling quality assurance support and consultation services including on-site pipetting technique training and quality management certification for pipette users and laboratory managers, and liquid handler performance verification services for automated laboratories. Since 1982, Artel technology has been proven in daily use in thousands of laboratories including pharmaceutical, clinical, forensic, public health, and environmental.