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Product News: ProFicient 4 Improves Quality, Compliance, Production

Shearer’s Foods implements software to enhance automated quality control.

Published: Monday, December 21, 2009 - 07:00

(InfinityQS: Chantilly, VA) -- InfinityQS International, the leading provider of statistical process control (SPC) software, recently announced that Shearer’s Foods, the home of Shearer’s award-winning snacks, has implemented ProFicient 4 to monitor and control manufacturing processes. Shearer’s is using the quality system to eliminate special cause variation and meet regulatory compliance in its manufacturing facilities.

Shearer’s is bolstering its ProFicient 4 implementation by taking advantage of InfinityQS’ Dynamic Scheduler and data management system (DMS). These features, newly available with ProFicient 4, are designed to strengthen manufacturers’ competitive market advantage by focusing on compliance reporting, an enhanced user experience, and integration with enterprisewide systems for greater visibility.

Dynamic Scheduler continuously monitors changes in manufacturing processes and automatically adjusts data collection and reporting activities based on real-time process state changes (e.g., idle, down, normal, heightened, or other). Alerts and active data collection results provide dynamic notification of new and imminent data collection tasks to ensure compliance with a wide range of internal, industry, and government requirements. Sheare’s is deploying Dynamic Scheduler to support meeting the requirements of the SQF-L3 accreditation initiative and to simplify compliance to AIB, SSOP, HACCP, and vendor regulations.

DMS expands the number of different data sources that users are able to view and analyze in real time. The system automates data collection from multiple sources including GE Fanuc iHistorian, OLE DB, Invensys Wonderware Live, OPC, AQDEF, ASCII files, serial devices, ethernet devices, InfinityQS multiplexers, and other RS-232 devices. A toolkit is also available to allow customers to extend automated data collection to unique platforms.

“Quality plays a huge role at Shearer’s and we are going to use the InfinityQS system to manage everything quality related—from processing operator start-up sheets to quality checks, packaging checks, and everything in between,” says Scott Heldreth, Shearer’s senior vice president of operations. “With InfinityQS, our quality system is electronic and automated so we can program quality alerts via e-mail, flashing lights at workstations, and shop floor TV dashboards. These features keep everyone on the same page and give us piece of mind about the quality and safety of the product heading out the door.”


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