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Product News: EtQ Announces Leading Edge Features in Latest Reliance 7.0

More than 350 enhancements included in this latest release.

Published: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - 16:28

(EtQ Inc.: Farmingdale, NY) -- EtQ Inc. has announced the addition of new and enhanced features in its latest release, Reliance 7.0.

Enhancements to the latest release of EtQ Reliance contribute to EtQ’s vision of providing the most robust solution in the industry. Below is a sample of just a few of the more than 350 enhancements included in this latest release:

Microsoft Outlook integration. EtQ Reliance now includes a “Calendar Integration” tab that enables invitations to be sent to attendees. Those meeting dates are then incorporated with the user’s Microsoft Outlook calendar upon acceptance.

KPI reporting and gauge chart. Selecting the most appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) is a substantial part of improving organizational practices. Knowing this, EtQ has expanded its charting library within the centralized reporting application with a gauge chart, one of the KPI chart types. EtQ’s gauge chart is a combination of radial gauge and digital panel gauge that displays a single KPI variable within a scale range.

Barcode. EtQ Reliance now has the ability to accept barcode scans in several standard barcode formats. The barcode feature helps with the synchronization, tracking, and streamlining of data entry with different applications.

In-line image attachments.  This new feature enables images that are attached into Reliance forms to be displayed as full size images within the form.

Mailable forms. Reliance 7.0 makes it easy to send electronic forms to users outside of the organization, extending compliance and collaboration to suppliers and customers more effectively. The mailable form feature turns any record into a configurable e-mail or PDF file attachment (or both) that can be sent to any e-mail address. The e-mail is saved as a permanent record of the correspondence, linked to the source record.

E-mail log feature (21 CFR Part 11). With Reliance 7.0, all outgoing electronic communications (assignments, notifications, and escalations) are logged as records within an “e-mail log,” allowing users to refer back to previous communication if necessary. Users can use this new feature to track and search details of their outgoing e-mails (date, to, CC, subject, body) by clicking the “open e-mail log dialog” action within all Reliance forms. 


“EtQ strives to provide the most comprehensive solution for quality, environmental, and health and safety purposes,” says Morgan Palmer, chief technology officer at EtQ. “The release of Reliance 7.0 reinforces that message through the addition of enhanced and entirely new features, providing new tools to expand the flexibility of the platform, and offering even more solutions for enterprisewide deployments. The enhancements made to Reliance 7.0 demonstrate EtQ’s commitment to providing the leading solutions for quality, environmental, and health and safety.”

For more information on other enhancements made to the latest release, visit EtQ on the web at www.etq.com.


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ETQ LLC is a software innovator and the first company to provide a flexible application development technology for creating and accessing custom vertical industry applications for use with a web-browser client. ETQ is the leading enterprise quality and compliance management software for identifying, mitigating, and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation, and collaboration.