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Beta LaserMike

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FDA Compliance

Product News: Complete System Solutions for Measurement of Medical Tubing

Beta LaserMike to showcase products at Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2010, June 8–10.

Published: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 14:36

(Beta LaserMike: Dayton, OH) --  Beta LaserMike, a global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will display its comprehensive portfolio of system solutions for accurately and cost-efficiently measuring medical tubing during production at Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2010, June 8–10, at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York.

“We will be exhibiting a range of system solutions, from ultrasonic to laser scanning technologies, that enable manufacturers to accurately and reliably measure any configuration and dimension of medical tubing,” says Bob Stockholm, director of sales for North America.

“Whether manufacturers are seeking to measure the wall thickness and diameter of medical tubing, or the length and speed of products online, Beta LaserMike has the product portfolio to meet their total production needs and deliver bottom-line results,” says Stockholm. “This includes fully featured process controllers to easily manage production processes and product quality.”

Beginning with several of its flagship solutions, Beta LaserMike will showcase its UltraScan system—a powerful and unique ultrasonic gauge that provides noncontact precision measurement of medical tube wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter, and ovality. The company will also display AccuScan, an advanced laser gauge that offers noncontact measurement of diameter and ovality for increased manufacturing accuracy. As a replacement for error-prone and high-maintenance contact tachometers, Beta LaserMike will demonstrate the advantages of its LaserSpeed system—a revolutionary noncontact laser encoder that directly measures length and speed to +0.05 percent accuracy.

Beta LaserMike will also showcase the following measurement and control solutions:

BenchMike: A table-top system that provides fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements of cut cable samples and immediate feedback for out-of-tolerance conditions 

DataPro 5000: A simple-to-operate process controller and data management system that keeps production processes and product quality under control 

AccuNet: Comprehensive, supervisory networking software for multigauge applications


Beta LaserMike will be presenting at booth 2543.


About The Author

Beta LaserMike’s default image

Beta LaserMike

Beta LaserMike provides integrated process control systems using a wide range of non-contact measurement technologies designed to improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs. These systems provide both in-process dimensional monitoring, control and sample inspection of products such as wire, cable, fiber optics, rubber and plastic, hose, tube and pipe. Our systems offer a number of advantages over contact and other non-contact gauging systems.