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Lower-Cost Document Management Software for Medical Device Manufacturers

Enterprise level document management system for $10,000

Published: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 11:36

(DocLineUp: New York) -- DocLineUp, a leading provider of enterprise-level document management software, has announced the new release and breakthrough pricing on the DocLineUp Document Management System for Medical Device Manufacturers. The system is available immediately and at less than $10,000—compared to typical marketwide pricing of $50,000—represents a major industry price shift that will allow companies of all sizes to benefit from automated document management.

Document management is vital for medical device companies to improve the quality of processes, distribution systems, and their final products. Additionally regulatory compliance, required by governing bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), demands stringent record keeping, documentation, and evidence of all phases of product development, manufacturing, and corrective and preventive action. Many companies continue to employ manual systems to address this daunting task, largely due to industry-wide pricing which until now has required initial investments upwards of $50,000. Ongoing maintenance and transactions fees represent an additional barrier.

Industry-first pricing

The enterprise-level DocLineUp Document Management System for medical device manufacturers, is a full-featured solution that allows medical device quality assurance departments and managers to store, manage, and track all documents required to achieve regulatory compliance, improve speed to market, and maintain ongoing quality. All data is gathered and transferred electronically, eliminating dependence on paper and decreasing administration expenses.

“The system helps companies better meet rigorous regulatory compliance requirements and virtually eliminates document-related deficiencies,” says Dave Rector, DocLineUp vice president of marketing. “It also can reduce document management–related workloads by 90 percent—all at an unrivaled return on investment.”

This industry-first pricing is even more dramatic in that DocLineUp customers are not required to pay multiple-user licensing or incremental transaction fees.

“A document management system saves time and increases efficiency, translating into both savings and improved revenue opportunities,” Rector notes. “Now all companies can benefit from not only an automated system, but what we feel is the most feature-rich system available.”

“The system for medical device manufacturers is consistent with our mission to develop cutting-edge document management software for a multitude of diverse industries—at a substantially reduced price,” says Rector.


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DocLineUp develops and provides—at a substantially reduced price—enterprise-level document management software concentrating on a multitude of diverse industries. DocLineUp software collects, manages, locates, dispenses, shares, and archives important data efficiently and comprehensively. All data is gathered and transferred electronically eliminating dependence on paper and decreasing administration expenses.