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UBM Canon

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Events: Canon Communications To Launch Medical Electronics Design Events

2010 DesignMed series targets worldwide $60 billion medical electronics sector.

Published: Monday, March 8, 2010 - 15:42

(Canon Communications: Los Angeles) -- Canon Communications announces that in 2010 it will launch three DesignMed events dedicated to the constantly evolving and highly innovative medical electronic imaging, diagnostics, and interventional device industry sectors. Electronics Design News (EDN) magazine, recently acquired by Canon, will sponsor the events.

The DesignMed series will co-locate with Canon’s established and highly successful Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) shows in the United States and MEDTEC shows elsewhere around the world. In 2010, the pairings will be with MEDTEC Japan in Yokohama, MEDTEC China in Shanghai, and MD&M Midwest in Rosemont, Illinois. In 2011, the franchise is expected to expand to additional Canon medical events around the world. 

 “The conferences at DesignMed will bring to medical electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEM) the very latest in emerging electronics to allow for smaller, faster, smarter, and more precise imaging and diagnostic tools for health care providers. In the wake of a changing electronics industry landscape, medical is now a focus for leading suppliers, and medical electronic device designers are going to really benefit,” comments Kevin O’Keefe, senior vice-president of Canon’s events division. “The concurrent DesignMed exhibitions will work to support the great content delivered to delegates in the conference with hands-on, face-to-face meetings with top suppliers.” 

Valued at nearly $60 billion worldwide in 2009, the lucrative medical electronics sector is a key target for major electronics suppliers faced with declining return on their investments in other electronics sectors that have moved into the cost-driven commodity arena. 

“It is gratifying that our acquisition of EDN could be instrumental in bringing global electronics suppliers—the publication’s advertisers—together with Canon’s worldwide medical manufacturing audience,” says Canon’s CEO Charles McCurdy. “The result should be even stronger, more vibrant MD&M and MEDTEC events, significant new business for our EDN customers, and a wave of new medical electronics device technology for health care providers—a winning proposition all around.”


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