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Further enhances change management capabilities
Creates adaptive system for managing product development and post-market quality for devices with software elements
VQIP allows for expedited review and importation for approved applicants that demonstrate safe supply chains

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International Quality and Productivity Center IQPC

FDA Compliance

Event: 10th Lean Six Sigma for Biotech, Pharma, and Medical Device Excellence

San Diego, July 26–28

Published: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 10:08

(IQPC: New York) -- The International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) will hold its 10th Lean Six Sigma for Biotech, Pharma, and Medical Device Excellence event in San Diego, July 26–28, at the Hilton San Diego Resort.

Explore how to leverage lean Six Sigma and operational excellence by:

• Encouraging less talk, more action—engaging leaders to transition more quickly from agreement to commitment

• Translating lean Six Sigma efforts into dollars saved and costs avoided

• Leveraging how pharmaceutical companies are executing process monitoring for improved manufacturing intelligence

• Getting your entire company to be process improvement soldiers

• Connecting the dots on continuous improvement execution by value-stream mapping and managing waste

• Forming more collaborative and efficient partnerships with CMOs and CROs by encouraging increased lean Six Sigma use

• Improving the production process through lean Six Sigma tools to minimize scrap and leftover materials

• Networking with a series of industry experts from the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industry


Hear case studies and best practices from leading companies, including Pfizer, CareFusion, Genentech, Merck & Co., Bausch & Lomb, Quest Diagnostics, Anderson Pharmaceutical Packaging, Biogen Idec, Johnson & Johnson, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Elan Drug Technologies, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, and others.

Who attends?

Six Sigma Master Black Belts; Black Belts; Green, Yellow, and Red Belts; and Champions, plus organizations’ executive/senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors, managers, and leaders of:

• Process/operational/business excellence

• Continuous improvement

• Quality assurance and quality control

• Research and development

• Clinical trials

• Manufacturing

• Engineering

• Innovation

• Validation

• Supply chains

• Logistics

• Maintenance

• Accounting

• Packaging

• Information technology

Five ways to register

Online: www.lsspharma.com

Phone: (800) 882-868

E-mail: info@iqpc.com

Fax: (646) 378-6025

Mail: IQPC, 535 5th Ave., 8th Floor, New York, NY 10017


Download the conference brochure at http://www.lsspharma.com/Event.aspx?id=301380.


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Each year, International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) offers approximately 2,000 conferences, seminars, and related learning programs with special emphasis on pharmaceuticals, Six Sigma, and quality, among many other industry sectors. For more information on IQPC, visit online at www.iqpc.com.