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FDA Compliance

EtQ Releases Latest Version, Reliance 8.0

Customer-focused upgrades improve convenience and functionality

Published: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - 10:14

(EtQ: Farmingdale, NY) -- EtQ LLC has announced the addition of new features and modules in the latest release of its quality management, FDA compliance, and environmental health and safety software, Reliance 8.0. Below is just a sampling of what EtQ’s newest version has to offer:

• Microsoft SharePoint integration: EtQ’s new SharePoint integration feature publishes attachments of Reliance documents into a SharePoint library after submitting documents to a certain phase or saving them during that phase. SharePoint integration also allows the user to publish field values along with their documents, and update SharePoint with the latest version of the documents, at any stage of the workflow.
• Production part approval process (PPAP): PPAP allows producers to evaluate the components and subsystems that they receive from suppliers, and therefore establish confidence in the suppliers’ management systems. This module ensures that suppliers comply with the exact design specifications of the customer.
• Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA): Within any quality management system, the ability to identify and mitigate potential risk in product and process design is important to ensure the highest level of quality. EtQ’s FMEA module has been developed to better analyze product and process design, reduce the time taken to study effects, and mitigate the risk of potential failures.
• eValidator: EtQ eValidator has been enhanced with new forms, including the Test Plan form, which allows the user to run the test scripts related to a specific requirement and record the validation results. Shared Scripts is a new revision-controlled form that manages and stores the user’s shared scripts along with the out-of-the-box eValidator shared scripts. Additionally, a new dialog, Test Script Runner, verifies automated test scripts before they are stored as test script documents.
• Single sign on (SSO): SSO allows the user to log into Windows once to gain access to Reliance without the need for multiple logins. This feature enhances convenience for the end-user because less time is spent on reentering passwords, and there is no need to remember several passwords.

“EtQ has always taken a customer-focused approach when it comes to the enhancement or creation of new modules and features,” says Morgan Palmer, chief technology officer at EtQ. “The additions to the latest version are a reflection of our customer’s voice. Our goal is to increase overall convenience and functionality for our users. The enhancements made within the latest release are a further testament to that and our commitment to enhancing flexibility and ease of use for the customer.”

For more information on other enhancements made to the latest release, contact EtQ at info@etq.com.


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ETQ LLC is a software innovator and the first company to provide a flexible application development technology for creating and accessing custom vertical industry applications for use with a web-browser client. ETQ is the leading enterprise quality and compliance management software for identifying, mitigating, and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation, and collaboration.