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CIMdata Releases Executive PLM Market Report

First module of the 2023 PLM MAR Series

Published: Monday, July 24, 2023 - 12:00

(CIMdata: Ann Arbor, MI) -- CIMdata, a leading global product life cycle management (PLM) consulting and research firm, has released its “2023 Executive PLM Market Report.” This report provides an executive-level view of CIMdata’s comprehensive analysis of the PLM market, with summary charts on the overall market and on specific PLM solution segments (including the chart below). It also includes perspectives on current trends in the PLM industry and how they may affect current suppliers and investments.

The PLM economy, as measured in the PLM market analysis, has continued to grow in 2022. In calendar year 2022, the PLM market grew to just over $66.6 billion overall (10% growth over 2021).

“The PLM market saw really strong results in 2022, beating our forecast,” says Stan Przybylinski, CIMdata vice president. “Electronic design automation (EDA) led the pack with a year-on-year growth of 12.7%, driven by market leaders Cadence and Synopsys. Autodesk’s results also contributed to strong growth in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) at 8.3%, a segment hurt in our analysis by the 11% drop of the euro against the U.S. dollar. Finally, simulation and analysis (S&A) returned to strong growth at 10.9%. We expect the move toward smart, connected products to continue growth in S&A, software development tools, and electronic design automation (EDA).”

This report is the first of five modules of the CIMdata 2023 Market Analysis Report Series to be released. The MAR Series provides detailed information and in-depth analysis on the worldwide PLM market during calendar year 2023. It contains analyses of major trends and issues; revenues of leading PLM providers; and revenue analyses for geographical regions, industry sectors, and historical and projected data on market growth.

Distribution of 2022 PLM revenue by market sector

The CIMdata PLM Market Analysis Report Series is packaged as five modules:

1. The CIMdata “2023 Executive PLM Market Report” provides an overview of CIMdata’s complete global analysis. It includes key charts on PLM market investment statistics through 2022, forecasts of investments for 2023 through 2027, and a summary of PLM solution providers’ performance in 2021.

2. The CIMdata “2023 PLM Industry Review and Trends Report” is mainly qualitative in nature and focuses on key issues facing the global PLM ecosystem of solution providers and end user organizations. It highlights changes that occurred in 2022, what effects those changes may have in the short and medium terms, and what is on the horizon in the years to come.

3. The CIMdata “2023 PLM Market and Solution Provider Analysis Report” details measures of and forecasts for the overall PLM market and its key segments in 2021, including tools, cPDm, and digital manufacturing. The Tools section has additional details on sub-segments, including MCAD, NC, S&A, EDA, and AEC. It also includes CIMdata’s estimates of PLM solution provider revenues in these segments and subsegments for 2023 through 2027.

4. The CIMdata “2023 PLM Market Geographic Analysis Report” provides an additional view of the 2022 market results by major geography. CIMdata’s 2022 estimates and market forecasts for PLM and the major PLM market segments are provided for the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. In addition, the report includes estimates and forecasts for the cPDm segment within specific European and Asia-Pacific countries and regions.

5. The CIMdata “2023 PLM Market Industry Analysis Report” provides an industry segmentation view of the 2022 market results. CIMdata’s 2022 estimates and market forecasts for PLM and cPDm are provided for 10 industry sectors: aerospace and defense, automotive and other transportation, electronics/telecommunications, fabrication and assembly, process-packaged goods, as well as petrochemical, utilities, construction, infrastructure, and shipbuilding.

The CIMdata PLM Market Analysis Report Series is available as a five-module set, or each module can be purchased separately. Selected modules are also available as part of the CIMdata Community Memberships. Further details and pricing information about the report and Community Memberships are available at www.cimdata.com.


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