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Verisurf Software Inc.


Verisurf Announces 7th Generation of X Software

Published: Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 13:44

(Verisurf: Anaheim, CA) -- Verisurf Software Inc., developer of metrology software, has released the 7th generation of its Verisurf X software. With model-based geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) inspection technology at its core, the all-new computer-aided inspection, reverse engineering and assembly guidance software now supports more options for reporting and presenting data, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe 3D PDF Viewer.

“The new X7 release further demonstrates our commitment to our customers,” says Ernie Husted, Verisurf’s president. “The integration and support of enterprise quality reporting applications came as a request from our active user group. We remain dedicated to supporting all devices and maintaining an open platform and interoperability with complementary solution providers.”

Verisurf X7 includes many quality application features designed to enhance productivity and improve reporting, data management, measuring, and more. X7 includes integrated access to InspectionXpert software for automating the creation of drawing-based first-article inspection and reporting for AS9102 compliance. It also integrates with cm4d, statistical process control (SPC) software.

Verisurf X7’s new features include:
• Expanded reporting output options, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
• Output to Adobe 3D PDF Viewer
• Integration with InspectionXpert
• Integration of CM4D SPC software
• Customizable data trees
• Controls for repeatability testing and laser scanner measurements
• Best fit in auto inspection
• Model-based definition (MBD) manager capture view tool
• Auto hole-axis tool
• Smart Point tools for auto alignment targets
• And more

Watch an overview video of Verisurf X7 software.


About The Author

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Verisurf Software Inc.

Verisurf Software Inc. is a metrology software development company headquartered in Anaheim, California, committed to delivering advanced, field-proven computer-aided inspection and reverse engineering solutions. Verisurf software allows manufacturers to produce higher quality products in less time and at a lower cost by using highly automated paperless 3-D model-based inspection processes rather than hand measurements and 2-D paper drawings. Initially focused on the aerospace industry, Verisurf now serves the manufacturing and inspection needs of several industries, from automotive to medical.